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20030910: McIDAS-X installation at COMET

>From:  Patrick Dills <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/COMET
>Keywords:  200309110114.h8B1EuLd025194 McIDAS-X v2003 install

Hi Patrick,

>Guys, I wanted to extend a very hearty thanks for all your efforts (and
>some of those after hours from what I understand Tom) in bringing the
>latest MCIDAS-X build to life here!

No worries.  Glad to help.

>I'm doing a little configuring and
>tweaking in my own user account, and so far so good.

I made a comment to Tim that we may want to make the McIDAS installation
look more standard that it is currently.  What I mean by this is that
the "standard" (recommended) installation is for the user 'mcidas'
in the directory /home/mcidas that results in directories like:


The setup on gizmo currently is McIDAS-X v2003 was installed in
/home/mcidas/mcidas03 resulting in directory structures:


There is no big problem in this setup unless one wants to setup the
McIDAS remote ADDE server on this machine.  The remote server stuff
will expect to find a /home/mcidas/bin directory, etc., so things
won't work as desired.

What I do for my setup is have a runtime link that is exactly parallel
to concepts used in the LDM:

- install in /home/mcidas/mcidas03
- create runtime links to the installation point:

ln -s mcidas03 runtime
ln -s runtime/admin admin
ln -s runtime/bin bin
ln -s runtime/data data
ln -s runtime/doc doc
ln -s runtime/help help
ln -s runtime/inc inc
ln -s runtime/lib lib
ln -s runtime/man man
ln -s runtime/savedata savedata
ln -s runtime/tcl tcl
ln -s runtime/workdata workdata

Please let me know if you would like me to help "standardize" your

>Having v2003 up and
>running is really going to help open up the floodgates on some new case
>study and module work where I plan to rely heavily on MCIDAS-x to massage
>a variety of NOAAport, EOS (Terra and Aqua MODIS) and other POES hdf and
>netcdf datasets.  So goes the hope at least.


>And BTW Tom, this is just a heads up and to make sure you don't tear it
>up right away.  You should be seeing manilla envelope appear in your
>mailbox the next day or so with what we at COMET lovingly refer to as a
>"COMET Kudo".  These little certificates are part of our employee
>recognition program, and occasionally we'll like to extend a
>"Kudo" to a fellow UCAR colleague in special recognition of a
>contribution or help (i.e. helping us climb out of a hole) that goes
>"above and beyond the call of duty".  And besides, it's worth two bucks at
>a UCAR/NCAR cafeteria (that blue copy) when you really get hungry.  Well
>at least before you look at the menu.



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