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20030910: McIDAS v2003 compile on Solaris SPARC 5.7 using gcc/g77

>From: Tim Alberta <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/COMET
>Keywords: 200309102242.h8AMgcLd016739 McIDAS-X v2003 environment

Hi Tim,

re: McIDAS-X install at COMET


No worries.

>Patrick (our Mcidas user) hasn't gotten back to me on using it
>yet.  I did tell him there were a couple places where he'd have to
>change the environment variables (starting from mcidas03).

This make take a few more steps to get things setup to make future
installations simple.  Please let me know if/when Patrick runs
into snags.

>Did you get your box set up in the AWIPS rack? Is it working as
>expected, or do you have to wait for a certain date to find out?

We got the DVB-S box installed nicely.  It turns out that the test
broadcast will begin next Tuesday, September 15.  We have already
formed a small group of developers who are poised to get the new
stuff up and working as soon as the NWS flips the switch (so to


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