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20030821: McIDAS 2003 LSSERVE Q. (cont.)

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UGa
>Keywords: 200308071535.h77FZeLd002958 McIDAS LSSERVE.BAT UGAGINI.CFG


re: sufficies on GINI imagery
>They should all have the .gini suffix. I'll have to check my NOAAport 
>configuration files again. The default configuration files with the
>system did not have this suffix, so I updated them, but must have missed
>something.... OK, I checked and found this.
>It appears I had created but didn't properly install one of the three 
>product configuration files. The images should start coming across with .gini 
>extensions now.

The image naming looks consistent now, thanks.

re: images being misfiled
>OK, I'm not clear here. Are the images being filed in the wrong place or 
>am I filing blank images? I'm not quite clear.

Oops.  I forgot to edit out that snippit.  Here is what happened.  When
I was working my way through each dataset element, I found that the
directory settings specified in UGAGINI.CFG did not match the images
that were being displayed in more than one case.  The most notable was
the settings for the Northern Hemisphere composites.  I started to send
you a note about this, but I eventually found out what directory each
type of image was being written to and adjusted the UGAGINI.CFG entries
to match.  I simply forgot to edit out the comment that I was making in
my last reply.  Sorry for that.

re: blank images
>It probably has to do with the NOAAport configuration, which I did on 
>Tuesday. I'm sure it's still full of errors. I may have to get in touch
>with the vendor as well regarding this second issue.

I just ran through all of the images in the GINIEAST and GINIWEST
datasets, and saw a problem with:

- Puerto Rican regional 3.9 micron (4micron)
- Puerto Rican regional water vapor (7micron)
- Puerto Rican regional thermal IR (11micron)
- Puerto Rican regional CO2 (13micron)
- Hawaiian Regional Water Vapor

(at least for the most recent image).  Perhaps something that was amiss
is getting corrected as new images are come in?


>From address@hidden Fri Aug 22 06:42:33 2003


On this misfiled imagery... I gave my NOAAport config file to
the noaaport vendor and they said it looked correct.
I didn't really change their default config file that much.
The NOAAport system provides the path and filename to save the
file; there's nothing more to it. (The SAT images bypass the
LDM entirely.) Hopefully, the images you saw were old.
I'll try to take a look after my a.m. class, which starts

They are going to test my config file on their system just
to be safe, but we don't see any problem with where the
SAT imagery is being filed.



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