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20030821: Weather2.admin.niu.edu ADDE server (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200308211527.h7LFROLd023389 McIDAS-X ADDE

Hi Gilbert,

re: /etc/services entries that disappeared
>> I do. They disappeared when you upgraded the OS.
>Ooh. I did that...when? Yikes! :-(

This is one of the prices one pays for being on the bleeding edge of
Linux OS installs ;-)

re: It is a still good idea to have the LDM entry in /etc/services.
>OK, I will add those back.

OK, good.

re: Too bad there are not more hours in the day :-)
>No kidding. If you can help me out on that end, it's up to you if you have 
>the time. But if I'm getting new machines, is it worth it? I think not,
>especially since the decoders are fine.

I tend to agree with you as long as the new machine(s) will be in place
in the next month.  If that schedule slips to 3-4 months, I would
strongly recommend upgrading.

re: changing the equipment to be purchased on the Unidata equipment grant
>OK. Who would I have to talk to at UNIDATA to make that happen?

You're talking to him :-)

The overriding principle here is that you can alter the list of
equipment you proposed -- as long as what you purchase still allows you
to fulfill your proposed objectives.  A couple of quick examples of
changes that wouldn't fit, for instance, are you deciding to not buy a
new server because you want to buy an overhead projector or some
commercial piece of software that does not help you fulfill your
proposed endeavor.  Fair enough?


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