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20030821: Weather2.admin.niu.edu ADDE server (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200308210332.h7L3W4Ld016021 McIDAS ADDE


re: remote ADDE server on weather2.admin.niu.edu
>You put something in my /etc/services file, but now it is gone. I can't 
>find much help on it in the McIDAS documentation. These are the errors I 
>Aug 20 16:30:52 weather2 xinetd[586]: service/protocol combination not in 
>/etc/services: mccompress/tcp
>Aug 20 16:30:52 weather2 xinetd[586]: service/protocol combination not in 
>/etc/services: mcserv/tcp
>So I went to the UNIDATA web site and saw this:
> d?666
>mcserv  stream  tcp     nowait.255      mcadde /usr/local/mcidas/bin/mcservsh 
>  mcservsh -H /usr/local/mcidas
>mccompress      stream  tcp     nowait.255      mcadde /usr/local/mcidas/
>So I went to /etc/services and added this, based on a guess from the 
>above two lines:
>#McIDAS ADDE server!
>mcserv          500/tcp
>mccompress      503/tcp
>Then I restarted xinetd:
>/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart
>OK, are you seeing ADDE on weather, weather2 and weather3 now?

Yes, I now have access to datasets served by your remote ADDE server.

By the way, the easiest and recommended way to (re)setup the system
entries for the remote server is:

<login as 'root'>
cd ~mcidas

sh ./mcinet2002.sh uninstall mcadde            <- McIDAS-X v2002x installed
sh ./mcinet2002.sh install mcadde

-- or --

sh ./mcinet2002.sh uninstall mcadde            <- Upgrading from v2002x to v2003
sh ./mcinet2003.sh install mcadde

>I am not getting those errors anymore.

Looks like things are working nicely again.

Do you have plans of upgrading to v2003 anytime soon?


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