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20030820: ualist (cont.) and DSSERVE DIRFILE= (cont.)

>From: "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200308201138.h7KBccLd008934 McIDAS-X MKRAOBID DSSERVE REDIRECT


>ok on the redirect i will try that to make sure it works (ie., *.ISF*)


>but, regarding DIRFILE='/scratch/tmp/200*ISFC'
>i can list the correct files using the ~ls /scratch/temp/200*ISFC on ALL
>systems (IBM, ALPHA, LINUX)

Since ISFC is a suffix, try:


>PTLIST SFC/DATA.1 FORM=FILE however only works on IBM...i expect problems on
>the ALPHA but not LINUX box.
>am i missing anything else?

Since the DIRFILE= stuff follows the rules for the platform it is used
on, I suspect that the file name mask is being intperpreted as
200*ISFC, like 2001172ISFC, not, 2001172.ISFC, etc.  Try the DIRFILE
I listed above.

>Tom, there is no ~/workdata/AREA1236  to copy.

My listing was meant as an example.  The steps it was meant to illustrate

- create a new directory not in MCPATH

- copy an AREA file to that directory, but give it a name that has a
  suffix that is longer than 3 characters

- setup an ADDE dataset that uses a DIRFILE= with a suffix that is
  longer than 3 characters

- test access to the image in the newly created dataset

>From address@hidden Wed Aug 20 14:43:30 2003

>I am running McIDAS-X 2002b on linux box

>does it matter that the files are named 20011001.ISFC  (ie., YYYYMMDD.XXXX)?

Only in so far as the suffix is longer than 3 characters.  It sholdn't
matter in the DIRFILE= keword claus for DSSERVE, but it will for


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