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20030807: McIDAS 2003 LSSERVE Q.

>From: "Thomas L. Mote" <address@hidden>
>Organization: UGa
>Keywords: 200308071535.h77FZeLd002958 McIDAS DSSERVE.BAT LSSERVE.BAT

Hi Tom,

Sorry it has taken this long to respond to your inquiry, buy I just got
back to the office after taking a glorious 6 days off.

>Just built McIDAS 2003 on cacimbo, following the ABCs to
>upgrading link. Everything looked OK. When I did the
>batch.k LSSERVE.BAT, I got a few errors that looked like...
>batch.k: BATCH job abandon /home/mcidas/workdata/LSSERVE.BAT
>batch.k: BATCH done /home/mcidas/workdata/LSSERVE.BAT

The question is what the output from the script said just before these
two lines.  I would guess that the problem was that the McIDAS string
XCDDATA was not defined before you ran 'BATCH LSSERVE.BAT'.

>Also, I noticed that I had lost my GINI entires serving the
>NOAAport satellite imagery. I'm at home right now (about to
>head in), but it doesn't look like we're serving this

This tells me that the setup for the GINI datasets (GINICOMP, GINIEAST,
and GINIWEST) you put in LSSERVE.BAT before the upgrade did not match
the setup that was in place before the upgrade.  I can logon and take a
look around to see what should be modified if you like; please let me

>Those appeared to be the only things that came up.

OK, thanks for the feedback.


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