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20030803: Solaris 9 support for Unidata packages (cont.)


results if applicable inline. I will leave the commentary to Bill as he is
primarily responsible for the system on the applications side. What you
said makes sense to me (for what that is worth).

Thanks for the quick turn-around !


On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, Unidata Support wrote:

> >From: Simon Kissler <address@hidden>
> >Organization: Valparaiso University
> >Keywords: 200306161917.h5GJHQLd025665
> Simon, et. al.,
> re:
> >at this time the server has been upgraded to Solaris 9 and from anything
> >we can tell is fully operational. You may start your work whenever it is
> >convenient. If you have any problems, please let us know (respond to all)
> >and we will be happy to assist in any way possible.
> I logged onto aeolus this afternoon and did all but the last step of
> the LDM-6.0.14 installation.  As soon as the remaining step is finished
> (needs to be done as 'root'), I will cut over to the new LDM and then
> upgrade McIDAS to the v2003 release (the McIDAS upgrade will involve
> deleting a number of data files since they were likely damaged; see
> comments below for comments on /var/data having filled).
> Here is what needs to be done as 'root':
> cd /home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/src
> /usr/ccs/bin/make install_setuids

[ 2 ] > /usr/ccs/bin/make install_setuids

Making `install_setuids' in directory /usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/src/ulog

/usr/ccs/bin/make PROGRAM=hupsyslog \
`/home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/hupsyslog' is up to date.
chown root /home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/hupsyslog && \
chmod 4755 /home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/hupsyslog

Returning to directory /usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/src

Making `install_setuids' in directory /usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/src/server

/usr/ccs/bin/make PROGRAM=rpc.ldmd \
`/home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/rpc.ldmd' is up to date.
chown root /home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/rpc.ldmd && \
chmod 4755 /home/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/bin/rpc.ldmd

Returning to directory /usr/local/ldm/ldm-6.0.14/src

> While logged on as 'root', please also do the following:
> cd /home/ldm
> rm -rf ldm-5.1.3


> I tried to remove this directory tree as 'ldm', but it is owned by
> 'root', so I didn't have permission.
> A quick comment before I log off for this evening.  When I got on this
> afternoon, the /var/data file system was 100% full.  I found that this
> was due to the /var/data/ldm/gempak/nport/SOUNDER subdirectories had
> not been scoured since last October.  I removed the subdirectories (it
> was the quickest way to free up the space) and added a scouring action
> to the crontab for 'ldm'.  You now have almost 30 GB of disk free
> in /var/data:
> /dev/dsk/c0t1d0s0    35009161 3332780 31326290    10%    /var/data
> I also modified the pqact.conf entries to set logging to
> ~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log* for the various ldm-mcidas decoders that are
> running and setp rotation of these and the LDM log files.  Along with
> this modification, I took the liberty of upgrading your ldm-mcidas
> decoders to the latest distribution, ldm-mcidas-2003.  I did this _not_
> by installing the new distribution in /usr/local/ldm-mcidas, but,
> rather, by unpacking the distribution in ~ldm and then copying the
> relevant decoders from ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-2003/bin to ~ldm/decoders and
> the ~ldm/ldm-mcidsa-2003/etc files SATANNOT and SATBAND to ~ldm/etc.
> This is now the recommended way to use the ldm-mcidas decoders, so your
> setup now matches many other users.  I recommend that you remove
> the /usr/local/ldm-mcidas directory hierarchy since it is no
> longer used.
> That's it for this evening.  I will log back on tomorrow to finish
> the LDM upgrade (after the above work by 'root') and then tackle
> >Thanks,
> No worries.
> Tom

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