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RE: 20030801: previous e-mail I sent to you 3 days ago.


Glad to hear that you are ready to help us upgrade LDM on storm2, I am sure 
you will do a wonderful job in making storm2 more stable and reliable.   
Sometimes I am wondering how in the world you can handle so much stress 
without going insane. :-))

I am trying to enjoy my last two weeks in summer now, and getting ready for 
fall semester, which is going to be very interesting, since we are one faculty 
short.  I did manage to find two adjunct professors to teach 3 courses in 
Fall, but it is going to be another story in Spring 2004.

I wish I could be good at LINUX, so I don't have to bother you, but oh well, I 
am learning.  Let me know if you need me.

Thank you soooo much.


>>From: ahuang <address@hidden>
>>Organization: UNCA
>>Keywords: 200308011721.h71HLtLd023011 LDM upgrade
>Hi Alex,
>Contrary to your specualtion that "you are not that busy afer all :-)", I
>have been reeling with the amount of work I have been trying to get
>done this week :-).  I did get your earlier message, and I do intend to
>do the upgrades soon.  I will pay particular attention to make sure
>that the things you are most concerned with keep running correctly.  I
>do intend, however, to change who storm2 is feeding from.  This has
>nothing to do with a new LDM; it is part of the reorganization of the
>IDD that has been on more-or-less on hold this summer.
>I will make sure to give you a blow-by-blow of what was done on
>storm2 so we both have a paper trail of the modifications.
>I hope things are going well in Ashville this summer!

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