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20030722: Mcidas-X 2002 Build on Laptop running Mandrake 9.1

>From: Darren Gallant <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/JOSS
>Keywords: 200307221757.h6MHvJLd012465 McIDAS-X v2002 Mandrake 9.1


>I've attached the output from env.
>I receive the following errors after running "make all VENDOR=-g77"
>creating libsrc/ncconfig.h
>if [ `uname -s` = "IRIX64" ]; then      \
>                        DO32="irix6_32"                 \
>                ; fi                                    \
>                ; cd ../hdf && \
>                  sh configure $DO32 --prefix=/home/mcidas
>Configuring for a i686-unknown-linux host.
>Copied "./mfhdf/libsrc/config/netcdf-linux.h" to "mfhdf/libsrc/netcdf.h" .
>Copied "./mfhdf/fortran/config/jackets-linux.c" to
>"mfhdf/fortran/jackets.c" .
>Copied "./mfhdf/fortran/config/netcdf-linux.inc" to
>"mfhdf/fortran/netcdf.inc" .
>Copied "./mfhdf/fortran/config/ftest-linux.f" to "mfhdf/fortran/ftest.f" .
>Created "Makefile" in /home/mcidas/mcidas2002/hdf using "config/mh-linux"
>: ERROR: edit of HDF configure file failed
>I'm not sure what's wrong. "makelog" isn't empty so part of the
>compilation appears OK.

I would try a 'make clobber' and then a retry of the build.  The above
looks like some previous stuff may have been laying around during the
unsuccessful build attempt.

If this doesn't work, let me know so we can take a closer look.


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