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20030722: Trying to use GRIBDEC/mcgribdec on Linux with AMPS data

>From:  Matthew Lazzara <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC/AMRC
>Keywords:  200307221750.h6MHovLd006453 McIDAS gribdec

Hi Matthew,

>Hi!  How are you??

Busy, busy, busy...  Sorry I couldn't get back to you on this yesterday.

>I've been working on getting your wonderful
>mcgribdec/GRIBDEC package running on AMRC's new Linux box (redhat .. I'm
>pretty sure the latest version SSEC supports).  In any case, I'm not
>able to run GRIBDEC successfully:
>gribdec.k amps.grb 1010 'AMPS_22/07/2003_0_UTC_D1'
>gribdec.k: ERROR reading
>Output file: GRID1010
>Input GRIB file: amps.grb
>GRIB messages:: Found: 0 Decoded: 0 Written: 0
>Any suggestions?

Please give me access to the amps.grb file so I can take a look.  The
only thing that is remotely suspicious is the title you are specifying,
but even that looks OK.

>Do I need different code?

No, gribdec works on all of the systems I support.

>I took the same package
>from our Suns and use it on the Linux bos - altering the compiler.  I'm
>hoping to run this here, as I have enough disk space on our new Linux

I run gribdec.k on Linux with no problems all of the time.

>Thanks Tom!

No worries.

>I hope all is well...

Outside of being way too busy, things are going well.

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