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20030717: remaping


I have a 2byte 5 banded GVAR image and want to convert to 1-byte 1 band but
preserve the natural navigation (ie., Sat)

how is this done.

Randy Alliss

From address@hidden Thu Jul 17 11:20:39 2003

Randy -

If you separate the data out into five single banded images by using 
IMGCOPY with STYPE=VISR, you could use a program called "gimiglue" that 
is maintained by a group here at SSEC.  "gimiglue" glues McIDAS areas 
together into one area. It is a
standalone program and can be picked up via ftp. It has been updated to 
work on GOES-12 also, so it is quite actively used.

Here is the info from the programmer:

It comes with no warranties, express or implied. :)

It just needs to be untarred and then "make gimiglue" should do the 
trick. The program is McIDAS independent, so it takes the actual file 
name (full path name is acceptable). The first file is the output 
filename, and the other files are the bands, which have to line up 


You can obtain the tar file here:

ftp ftp.ssec.wisc.edu
cd bioburn/gimiglue
get gimiglue_2003035.tar

I hope this program helps. We are considering adding it to -XRD, so if 
you find it useful or have any questions, please let us know.  Good luck!

- Becky

Becky Schaffer
McIDAS Help Desk

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