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20030625: MCIDAS Issue Resolved.. Please look into it (fwd)

>From: "Pai, Sanket Vasant (UMKC-Student)" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UMKC
>Keywords:  200306251948.h5PJmeln011467 McIDAS SUNWspro


I am the McIDAS support contact at Unidata.  Jeff asked me to step
in to help you out in your McIDAS installation.

>hi Jeff, i sent you the log file of make all command. when i myself looked
>into it i realised that the mccomp shell script needed the file crti.o in
>/opt/SUNWspro/lib and in cumulus this file was in

Several days ago I took the liberty of logging onto your machine and
taking a look at your setup.  At that time I did a couple of things
that enabled me to successfully build McIDAS on your system, but
I got swamped with other issues and was not able to send you back
the list of things that I did.  I just logged in again and see that
some of the things that I setup have been changed.  In particular,
a couple of lines that I had commented out have been uncommented.

The environment variable setting in the 'mcidas' account should
basically look like:

# C-shell environment variable definitions for the user 'mcidas'

# umask
umask 002


# NOTE: conditional definition is only needed for C-shell users
if ( ! ${?MCPATH} ) then
  setenv MCDATA $MCHOME/workdata
  setenv MCPATH ${MCDATA}:$MCHOME/data:$MCHOME/help
  setenv MCGUI  $MCHOME/bin
  setenv XCD_disp_file $MCDATA/DECOSTAT.DAT
  if ( ! ${?path} ) then
    set path=$MCGUI
    set path=(${MCGUI} $path)

set path=(/newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro/WS6U2/bin /opt/SUNWspro/bin /bin /usr/cc
s/bin /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc $path)
setenv PATH ${MCGUI}:$PATH

I just changed the basic McIDAS section in your .cshrc file back to this.

The second set of environment variables that need to be set are those
used for building the netCDF and HDF components of the McIDAS distribution.
These now read:

setenv CC cc
setenv CFLAGS -O
setenv FC f77
setenv CXX

'cc' and 'f77' will be found by virtue of the inclusion of the
/newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro/WS6U2/bin directory in your 'set path'

The one thing I had to do to get your build to work using the full
Sun compiler installation in /newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro was
set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable in .cshrc:

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib

This allows for the shared libraries in /newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro/lib
to be found when programs are run.

It would be much better to either reinstall the Sun compilers in their
standard location, or to make a link from their current install
location to the standard location.

>So i copied this file into the
>reqd folder and executed make all again. this time it worked successfully

The approach of copying bits from the /newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro
installation location to the standard location, /opt/SUNWspro is not
the one that I would take.  You should considered either reinstalling
the Sun compilers in the standard location, or, if this is not possible
for some reason, making a link between /newsoftware/FORTRAN/SUNWspro
and /opt/SUNWspro.  Ideally, a clean, standard installation would be
the best for you in the long run.  The link, however, should work.

>and i also completed the testing documentation w/o any problems please
>have someone look into it just to ensure that i havent made any mistakes

The last thing I did in your ~mcidas/.cshrc file was to comment out
the line that sets the DISPLAY:

# setenv DISPLAY cumulus:0

It is better to not hardwire this in .cshrc.

The next question is if your intentions are to setup the LDM to ingest
data and run the McIDAS-XCD decoders?  I can help you get this running, but
first we should talk about what your specific goals are, and which data
you want to decode, etc.  Please let me know by sending email to


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