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20030626: problem with GRDCOPY (cont.)

>From: Owen Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA
>Keywords: 200306251740.h5PHeMLd017765 McIDAS-X GRDCOPY

Hi Owen,

>Hhhmmm, I'm wondering if there is a problem with the actual AVN grids. 

I don't know, but I suspect that it isn't.

>The script that I am invoking to derive ABV has always worked fine in 
>the past, as I use this script duiring field missions to calculate 
>potential vorticity.  I have a script running since yesterday and today 
>it was able to calculate ABV using the 6 hour forecast from the 6:00 UTC 

What ADDE server are you accessing for the RTGRIDS data?  This could
be important (i.e., what is the result of a 'DATALOC LOST RTGRIDS').

>If you go to
>an image loop will load. The loop is 25 images long and most of them are 
>just dummy images until I can get 6 days of near real-time images 
>created and loaded into the loop. But if you go the the end of the loop 
>you will see 4 images of WV form GOES-East and Metosat at 00, 06 and 12 
>UTC on June 26.

OK.  I did that.

>Notice that the first 2 images don't have PV at 300 hPa because the job 

Yes, I see that.

>But the 12 UTC image does have PV (calculated from the 6-hr 
>forecast of the the 6:00 UTC  AVN run). If you watch theis image loop as 
>it updates over he next few days, every 6 hours, you may detect a 
>pattern as to when the script fails.

Hopefully, I can find the problem before several days have past.

>I hope this helps,

I just searched the MUG inquiry list and don't find an entry for a
GRDCOPY problem like the one you are seeing.  I then got the approprite
permissions to access the RTGRIDS dataset on a machine at SSEC, and
the DERIVE=ABV worked fine.  So, there is either a big/little endian
bug floating around (their box is a Solaris x86 one), or something
else is different between my and the SSEC GRD* servers.  I am


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