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20030625: .mcidasrc question

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State College
>Keywords: 200306251515.h5PFFvLd009891 McIDAS-X .mcidasrc

Hi Mark,

>I'm setting up mcidas 2002 on a Linux workstation and ran into a problem with
>the startup arguments that we defined in .mcidasrc.  
>Here are the contents of my mcidasrc:
>> grep -v ^# ~/.mcidasrc |grep "\w"
>-f address@hidden
>-c 'address@hidden mccheck'
>-tgeometry 71x26+630+515
>-igeometry +630+0
>-graphicsColors 16
>-imageColors 64
>-c 'BATCH "/mnt/data/mcidas/labstuff/STARTUP.BAT'

One quick observation.  I recommend that you not try to start both the
MCGUI and the Fkey menu interface from the .mcidasrc file as the McIDAS
startup script I wrote assumes that only one of these will be running
at a time.  In particular, I suggest commenting out the line:


Users that want to use the Fkey menu in conjunction with the MCGUI can
always start it from the appropriate action in the 'Misc' dropdown set
of options.

>For some reason the "-c" arguments seem to be acting strangely.  The BATCH
>call of "STARTUP.BAT" will not run.

This is undoubtedly a side effect of my replacing the standard McIDAS startup
with my own, and my not fully supporting the notion of running multiple
'-c' options listed in .mcidasrc.

>The path is correct and the file
>permissions are appropriate so that the user account can read the contents. 
>It works correctly when pasted into the commandline mcidas session.  I cannot
>figure out why this is not working.

I would call this a bug in the mcstart.gui startup routine.

>The MCMENU command works as long as I
>have the MCGUI command commented out. Is there a way to have MCGUI open once
>the commandline session is established like it used to work in 7.x?

Yes.  What you could do is start McIDAS using 'mcidasx' instead of 'mcidas'.
This will run the original SSEC startup script which, in turn will fire
off all of the '-c' actions in .mcidasrc.

>reading the support archives it appears that when specified mcidas will only
>start MCGUI without the command window.

>I assume that I can call MCGUI from
>STARTUP.BAT to work around this new behavior(once I get STARTUP.BAT working).

You can accomplish the same thing by starting using 'mcidasx' instead of

>Also, if I have the MCMENU command uncommented MCGUI will not start.  

That is the assumption in my startup script that only one interface is
to be brought up at a time.


>From address@hidden Wed Jun 25 10:40:09 2003

>If I reduce the .mcidasrc so that the BATCH call is the only "-c" command it
>still will not process the batch file.  

re: start McIDAS using 'mcidasx' instead of using 'mcidas'

>This works as expected.

re: the assumption in the GUI startup is that only one interface will be
running at a time

>That's probably not a bad assumption but we've always had both interfaces
>running concurrently since they've been available.  I'll have to ask Bill how
>he would like to have things configured for the student accounts once he's
>back from visiting out there.

>BTW, the temp file creation fix (FreeBSD) you provided a couple of weeks back
>worked well.

>Thank you.
>Mark Tucker

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