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20030620: Contouring point data + image enhancement (cont.)

>From: "Kwan-yin Kong" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200306171633.h5HGXmLd000512 McIDAS DSSERVE 


>      I added a dmap.k Frame at the end of the script and got
>---- --------- ------------ -------- ---------
>-r--      3072 Jun 17 12:16 Frame1.0 /usr/local/mcidas/help
>3072 bytes in 1 files
>Is it saying that it is read-only?


This is the problem.  I am now assuming you are running the script(s)
as a user other than 'mcidas' and that you don't have write permission
to the Frame1.0 file, and that your script is working with one frame at
a time.

At some point in the past, there was a problem in the 'mcidas' account
and the file Frame1.0 was _incorrectly_ created in the ~mcidas/help
directory.  Now, any user session/script that has
/usr/local/mcidas/help in its MCPATH will attempt to use this file
instead of the one that would ordinarily be created in a subdirectory
of the ~/.mctmp directory.  This directory gets created upon session
startup and added to the END of MCPATH.  So, if the ~mcidas/help
directory is in the user's MCPATH, the directory in which transitory
files like FrameN.M are to be created will come _after_ the
~mcidas/help directory, and the FrameN.M file could be written there if
the user has write permission for that directory.  Now, if the user
permissions are setup as I recommend, the only user that could create
an extraneous file in the ~mcidas/help directory is 'mcidas', AND this
will only happen if the environment in the 'mcidas' account is not 100%

I have seen a number of instances where something errant in the
'mcidas' account ends up creaing the file Frame1.0 in the ~mcidas/help
directory.  At  this point, the user 'mcidas' needs to delete this file
so that it will work correctly, AND so that sessions in other user's
accounts work correctly.

So, you need to login as 'mcidas' and delete ~mcidas/help/Frame1.0.
While you are in that directory, check to see if there are any other
files that should not be there:


If you find any files in the ~mcidas/help directory that do not end in
.hlp or .doc sufficies, and are not named CHANGES.*, delete them.

After doing this, your EU problem should disappear.


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