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20030619: Contouring point data + image enhancement (cont.)

>From: "Kwan-yin Kong" <address@hidden>
>Organization: CCNY
>Keywords: 200306171633.h5HGXmLd000512 McIDAS DSSERVE 


>      Thanks for reminding me about the 'ipcs'.  There 
>were indeed some processes taken over by gempak.

Shared memory and message queues are a good thing to keep an eye on
for sites running McIDAS and GEMPAK.  I'm glad that the advice did
some good.

>after I cleared them, the EU enhancement anomaly did not 
>go away.  After checking it more carefully, I symptom of 
>the problem is that every time EU MAKE is run, it clears 
>all previously set enhancements, resets it to what it 
>looks to be EU=IMAGE.ET, then applies only the most 
>currently executed  EU MAKE enhancement.

This is strange.  I now suspect that there is something else
amiss with your setup.  Are you running these scripts as the
user 'mcidas' or as some other user?   In either case, can
you let me know the result of a:

DMAP Frame

when run from the same script?  This may show that there is
a non-writable (by the person running the script, at least)
copy of FrameN.M (N,M are integers), and so changes to things
like the color table are not being saved to disk.  This is
just a wild stab; it may be all wrong...

If all else fails, I am willing to login and see what could be
wrong.  There is nothing wrong with the script you are running,
so you should not be seeing the EU MAKE problems you are


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