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20030616: NLDN web display at USF (cont.)

>From: "Happel, Shelly" <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200306121710.h5CHA3Ld017681 McIDAS NLDNDISP web pages

Hi Shelly,

>Thanks for getting back to me (yet again!). I finally located the file. I've
>looked through it and it is not apparent to me why the server fails at the
>end of the file. I'm sorry to keep pestering you about this... but hopefully
>you've seen this issue before. Thanks again,

1) data locations

Group Name                    Server IP Address
--------------------         ----------------------------------------
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_AMRC                         UWAMRC.SSEC.WISC.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_CIMSS                        METLAB.CAS.USF.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_GINICOMP                     PSCWX.PLYMOUTH.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_GINIEAST                     PAPAGAYO.UNL.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_GINIWEST                     PAPAGAYO.UNL.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_ME7                          IO.SCA.UQAM.CA
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_MYDATA                       LOCAL-DATA
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_NEXRCOMP                     PAPAGAYO.UNL.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RADRSOIL                     LOCAL-DATA
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTGINI             
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTGRIDS                      METLAB.CAS.USF.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTIMAGES                     METLAB.CAS.USF.EDU
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTNEXRAD                     ATM.GEO.NSF.GOV
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTPTSRC                      LOCAL-DATA
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_RTWXTEXT                     ATM.GEO.NSF.GOV
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_TESTMATT                     LOCAL-DATA
dataloc.k* ADDE_ROUTE_TOPO                         LOCAL-DATA
dataloc.k* HOST_ADDE.UCAR.EDU            
dataloc.k* HOST_ATM.GEO.NSF.GOV          
dataloc.k* HOST_CACIMBO.GGY.UGA.EDU      
dataloc.k* HOST_IO.SCA.UQAM.CA           
dataloc.k* HOST_METLAB.CAS.USF.EDU       
dataloc.k* HOST_PAPAGAYO.UNL.EDU         
dataloc.k* HOST_PSCWX.PLYMOUTH.EDU       
RTPTSRC                      <LOCAL-DATA>

<LOCAL-DATA> indicates that data will be accessed from the local data directory.
DATALOC -- done

OK, this shows that the RTPTSRC dataset will be accessed as
LOCAL-DATA.  This means that the definitions for the RTPTSRC dataset
_must_ be known in this session in order for things to work.  What I
mean by this is that the association between the set of files that
compose the RTPTSRC dataset must be setup.  We can see if this has been
done by sticking another logging invocation in the script:

  sf.k 1
  dataloc.k LIST RTPTSRC DEV=TTT nldndisp.log R
  dsserve.k LIST RTPTSRC DEV=TTT nldndisp.log A
DEV=TTT nldndisp.log A
  frmsave.k 1 /usr/local/apps/php-apache/htdocs/sridhara/mcidas/gifs/lightning. 

nldndisp.k* Parameter = LIG
nldndisp.k* Plotting symbol = X
nldndisp.k* Plot size =  1
nldndisp.k* Map = OLAY
nldndisp.k* Graphic frame:  1
nldndisp.k* navigation frame =  1
nldndisp.k* Show Frame: YES
nldndisp.k* Reference Time = 195334
nldndisp.k* Reference day = 2003167
nldndisp.k* Time interval = 3000
nldndisp.k* Time interval relation to reference time = C
nldndisp.k* Ending time in the future, reset to present
nldndisp.k* Starting day =  2003167
nldndisp.k* Starting time =  193834
nldndisp.k* Ending day =  2003167
nldndisp.k* Ending time =  195334
nldndisp.k* Frame day =  2003167
nldndisp.k* Frame time =  194604
nldndisp.k* Dataset name = RTPTSRC/LIGHTNING
nldndisp.k* dataset and position:RTPTSRC/LIGHTNING
nldndisp.k* Output type = PLOT
nldndisp.k* Color for plot =  3
nldndisp.k* projection = MERC
nldndisp.k* Map color:  8
nldndisp.k* Using OLAY for map
nldndisp.k* return from mapdef =
nldndisp.k* Page boundary lines: 20           423
nldndisp.k* Page boundary elems: 20           620
nldndisp.k* Number of server requests =  1
nldndisp.k* Requesting data for day  2003167
nldndisp.k* MAX=999999
nldndisp.k* POS=ALL
nldndisp.k* TRACE=0
nldndisp.k* SELECT='DAY 2003167 ' 'TIME 19:38:34 TO 23:59:59 ' 'HMS 19:38:34 TO 
19:53:34 '
nldndisp.k* m0split returns
nldndisp.k* RTPTSRC LIGHTNING MAX=999999 POS=ALL TRACE=0 SELECT='DAY 2003167 ' 
nldndisp.k*  19:38:34 TO 23:59:59 ' 'HMS 19:38:34 TO 19:53:34 ' VERSION= 1
nldndisp.k: Failed at SERVER REQUEST step
nldndisp.k* Server error =  -118

This output says that the server is _not_ setup to serve the
RTPTSRC/LIGHTNING dataset, meaning that the DSSERVE definitions are not
there and the server doesn't know which file(s) to look in to get the
lightning data.  Changing this configuration should be easy enough.  If
needed, I can take a look tomorrow, but first, someone there should add
the dsserve.k entry I included above so that we know for sure that this
is the problem.


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