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20030616: NLDN web display at USF (cont.)

>From: "Happel, Shelly" <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200306121710.h5CHA3Ld017681 McIDAS NLDNDISP web pages

Hi Shelly,

>Thanks again for checking into this for us. I made the changes you mentioned
>and now I'm not able to find those log files. I've looked all over and I'm
>not sure where it will put the nldndisp.log file. grrrr.... any ideas?

I wasn't sure exactly where the log file(s) would be written either
so I didn't include a "look in ...".  It will have to be in a directory
in the MCPATH defined by the scripts, however, so I would look in the
scripts to see how MCPATH is defined and look in those directories.

from xxx I see the following defines:

setenv WEBHOME /usr/local/apps/php-apache/htdocs
setenv HOME    $WEBHOME/sridhara/mcidas
setenv MYDATA  $HOME/data
setenv MYBIN   $HOME/bin
setenv MYGIFS  $HOME/gifs

setenv MCHOME /home/mcidas
setenv MCDATA $MCHOME/data
setenv MCHELP $MCHOME/help
setenv MCBIN  $MCHOME/bin

So, I would look first in /usr/local/apps/php-apache/htdocs/sridhara/mcidas,
then in /home/mcidas/data, and then in /home/mcidas/help.

>Sorry I'm so dense over here. Thanks!

This cgi-bin stuff is a little convoluted, so it is not always that
straightforward to find out where things are done.


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