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20030611: trouble with McIDAS ADDE and RH 8.0 (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200208151624.g7FGOlK17761 McIDAS-X ADDE 

Hi Robert,

>I would have gotten the McIDAS dist from your server but it has been
>down for two days.

As far as I know, our FTP site has not been down.  I did notice that
I could not FTP from your new machine back to Unidata, but I assumed
that the connection was being denied by a forward/reverse name lookup
check.  I have been logging onto remote systems all over the country
for the past two days and FTPing the latest LDM-6 distribution with
no problems, so I think that the failure is somehow related to DNS
service for your new machine/network connection.

>I got that tar file from Universal..I thought it
>was the same one.  Anyway,  any idea when yours will be back up..or can
>you scp the ldm-mcidas Linux binary tar file over to me?

The size of the mcidasx2002.tar.Z file was a LOT different than the
one on our FTP site (80 vs 66 MB).  Did you uncompress the file and
then recompress it at Universal Wx?  If not, I would be wary of the
file's contents.  For instance, was it FTPed in ASCII mode, not

>Not having compress and uncompress is a problem.  I didn't do a full
>install because there is so much junk.  I don't know what package I
>should have installed.

This _is_ a problem, but one that will go away with future McIDAS releases.
In v2003, SSEC has included support for gzipped transfers on port 112.

>This machine will become our main box..but as I said we are switching
>domains and IP's so I will have to notify SATEPS/NESDIS and our
>downstream sites and will have to pick a downtime when our  met guys
>aren't occupied .


>Anyway, if you could send me the ldm-mcidas Linux binary I would
>appreciate it.

I copied the RH 8 version of the ldm-mcidas binary release right after
seeing this message this morning.  I would, however, ask if you would
leave open the access to the box so I could rebuild ldm-mcidas from
source.  I found a bug in the pnga2area image decoder that affects
users of the McIDAS routing table (the table doesn't get updated
with the day and time of the last image received).  If you are using
the GEMPAK form for decoding the UNIWISC images, then this will not
affect you and the binary just transferred will be OK.  If you do
use the McIDAS routing table form, then I would just as soon build
a new distribution for you.  Please let me know.

>Thanks so much for the help!

No worries.  It gave me a chance to time the McIDAS build on a Dell
dual 2.4 Ghz P4 system running Linux.  I wish, however, that I had
turned off your LDM during the test so that the speed timing would
be comparable to the one on our dual 2400+ Athlon processor system
that is running FreeBSD.



>From address@hidden Wed Jun 11 08:47:20 2003

re: FTP services at Unidata are not down

>Doh..I forgot about that..Sprint still has not fixed the DNS.  Sorry
about that.

re: size of McIDAS 2002 binary is weird

>I used sftp which has only binary..so I am not sure.  Strange.

re: ldm-mcidas source distribution/build to fix routing table update problem

>Go ahead and build it as I do use the McIDAS routing table  The machine
>will remain as is until I get everything working. I still have to do
>the web stuff and scripts and all that stuff.

re: McIDAS build speed comparisons

>I had a couple of decoders go berzerk that could have slowed it down.

>Also, the Perl thing...I don't lie GNOME or KDE and have found that the
>GNOME terminal starts using up all the RAM..even after I patched this
>thing to current.  So I am using Xi Graphics X-server ($89) and their
>CDE for Linux ($49).  To get  their CDE for Linux to work on RH 8.0 you
>have to change a LANG entry in /etc/sysconfig/i18n from "en_US.UTF-8"
>to "en".  I suppose this is why Perl is complaining.  Maybe
>reinstalling perl would help.  It doesn't seem to affect the ldm other
>than the message..but I do need to do something about it.  BTW the
>graphics display is easily 50% faster running CDE vs.  GNOME or KDE.
>This is comparing CDE vs.the others using the Xi Graphics drivers.

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