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20030610: trouble with McIDAS ADDE and RH 8.0 (cont.)

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NMSU/NSBF
>Keywords: 200208151624.g7FGOlK17761 McIDAS-X ADDE 


re: access to locally defined dataset(s)

>I am not decoding local data  yet..but I can do IMGLIST/DSINFO..etc on the
>TOPO set which is local.


re: possible duplicates in /etc/services

>I removed a duplicate of 500; no other duplicates


re: another routine named mcserv?

>Did not find one.


re: setup of your /etc/xinetd.conf file

>Yes mine looks like that.


re: stuff in /etc/xinetd.d are for incoming ADDE transactions only

>I made that change to /etc/services and rebooted and no change.  ADDE
>commands don't work.

OK, I logged onto the new machine.  The first thing that caught my eye was
the size of the mcidasx2002.tar.Z distribution file:

-rw-r--r--    1 mcidas   users    80209995 Jun 10 15:26 mcidasx2002.tar.Z

This was _so_ different from the size on our local disk, that I decided
to scp down another copy.  Now the size at least matches what we have:

-rw-r--r--    1 mcidas   users    66354259 Jun 11 00:15 mcidasx2002.tar.Z

Given the difference in file sizes, and given that your machine is fast:
(dual 2.4 Ghz P4), I decided to rebuild McIDAS from scratch:

cd ~mcidas/mcidas2002/src
make clobber

cd ~mcidas
<copy mcidasx2002.tar.Z to ~mcidas using scp>
tar xvzf mcidasx2002.tar.Z

cd mcidas2002/src
make all VENDOR=-g77
make install.all VENDOR=-g77

The build took 00:07:12 -- not bad, but not a record.  A new dual
2400+ Athlon processor PC we bought for the office built the entire
McIDAS distribution in 00:05:37.  This is currently the speed record :-)
I see that your machine is running the LDM and decoding data, so the
comparison in build speeds is not really fair.

OK, back to the problem at hand...

I first decided to delete ~mcidas/data/ADDESITE.TXT just to make sure
that there were no problems with the machine names/IP address
associations in it.  There were no problems and this did not help.

I then noticed that the MCCOMPRESS enviornment variable was set in the
'mcidas' environment:

% env

which is recommended.  I further noticed, however, that 'compress' and
'uncompress' could not be found on your system.  Expecting that this
was the cause of the DSINFO failures you were seeing, I tested
the theory:

address@hidden ~/workdata]$ cd ~mcidas/workdata
address@hidden ~/workdata]$ mcenv
address@hidden ~/workdata]$ unsetenv MCCOMPRESS
address@hidden ~/workdata]$ dsinfo.k I RTIMAGES

        Dataset Names of Type: IMAGE in Group: RTIMAGES

Name         NumPos   Content
------------ ------   --------------------------------------
ANTARCTIC       10    Antarctic IR Composite
EDFLOATER-I     10    Educational Floater
EDFLOATER-II    10    Educational Floater II
GE-IR           10    GOES-East North America IR
GE-IRTOPO       10    GOES-East IR/TOPO Composite
GE-VIS          10    GOES-East North America VIS
GE-VISTOPO      10    GOES-East VIS/TOPO Composite
GE-WV           10    GOES-East North America H2O
GEW-IR          10    GOES-East/West IR Composite
GEW-IRTOPO      10    GOES-East/West IR/TOPO Composite
GEW-VIS         10    GOES-East/West VIS Composite
GEW-VISTOPO     10    GOES-East/West VIS/TOPO Composite
GEW-WV          10    GOES-East/West H2O Composite
GW-IR           10    GOES-West Western US IR
GW-IRTOPO       10    GOES-West IR/TOPO Composite
GW-VIS          10    GOES-West Western US VIS
GW-VISTOPO      10    GOES-West VIS/TOPO Composite
GW-WV           10    GOES-West Western US H2O
MDR             10    Manually Digitized Radar
MDRTOPO         10    MDR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-IR         10    Mollweide Composite IR
MOLL-IRTOPO     10    Mollweide IR/TOPO Composite
MOLL-WV         10    Mollweide Composite H2O
RESFLOATER      10    Research Floater

DSINFO -- done

Yup, the problem was simply that 'compress' and 'uncompress' were not
to be found on your machine.

To fix the problem, I copied 'compress' from a RedHat 8.0 machine here
at the UPC (as 'root') to the /usr/bin directory.  I then made
a link from 'compress' to 'uncompress' (since this is how it is setup
on our RedHat 8.0 machine) in the same directory, and then reran
the DSINFO invocation pointing at WXMCIDAS and it worked correctly.

As I finish this note, I can tell you that McIDAS ADDE access to remote
servers seems to be working correctly.  Now it looks like you are in
a position to setup XCD decoding if that is what you were going to do

While I was at it, I noticed that you had build LDM-6.0.10.  I took
the liberty of building the latest LDM release, LDM-6.0.13:

<copy ldm-6.0.13.tar.Z from the Unidata FTP site>

tar xvzf ldm-6.0.13.tar.Z
cd ldm-6.0.13

<check to make sure that LDMHOME was defined; it was>

./configure && make && make install

make install_setuids     (as 'root')

cd ~ldm/ldm-6.0.13/bin

<compare ldmadmin and ~/bin/ldmadmin and adjust entries as needed>

cd ~

ldmadmin stop && rm runtime && ln -s ldm-6.0.13 runtime && ldmadmin start

After some warnings from Perl, I see that the new LDM is up and running
and ingesting data.  The Perl issue is something that should be
looked into:

  /home/ldm% ldmadmin watch
  perl: warning: Setting locale failed.
  perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:
          LANGUAGE = (unset),
          LC_ALL = (unset),
          LANG = "en"
      are supported and installed on your system.
  perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").

mostly because the messages are annoying.

I notice that you are not reporting real time statistics.  I hope that
you will begin doing that when all the setup is finished.

Got to run...


>From address@hidden Tue Jun 10 18:43:39 2003


I noticed you do some compiling.  I am up in Palestine configuring this
machine locally and am staying at my mother's and she doesn't have
Internet.  I will check back in the AM.


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