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20030609: McIDAS XRD routines in Unidata McIDAS-X v2002

>From: "Craddock, Mary Ellen" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Northrop Grumman Information Technology, TASC
>Keywords: 200306091217.h59CGxLd005776 McIDAS XRD remap2

Hi Mary Ellen,

>       We are running a modified version of remap2.pgm which is a standard
>file in SSEC McIDAS XRD package. We are running McIDAS 2002b on our Linux
>box. I can successfully compile remap2.pgm on our Linux box but the
>executable flops. There is no error message but the command does not run.

The first thing I would do is to look through the makelog file to see if
there is anything strange/unusual/telling to be found when compiling
and linking remap2.k  This may well tell us that the link failed but
the make proceeded anyway which is typical when using the gcc/f2c/mcfc
build environment.

>Dave Santek indicated that he successfully ran remap2.pgm on his Linux
>machine but he is presumably running SSEC's latest version of McIDAS XCD.

I believe that I also ran remap2.k on one of our Linux boxes back when
you were trying to get this working on your DEC OSF/1 machine.

>test this I downloaded McIDAS XRD 2003 from SSEC but I can't compile this on
>our linux box. The error message is: "./mcxrd2003.sh: ERROR: could not
>locate suitable version of McIDAS install script".  Does this indicate that
>Unidata McIDAS 2002b does not support XRD?

No, but the approach to building Unidata McIDAS and SSEC McIDAS are
totally different, so you are probably seeing a result of the difference.

In Unidata McIDAS, there is an XRD section of the makefile where I put
several of the XRD routines that I thought would be useful.  remap2.pgm
is, in fact, one of the routines I included in the section.  The full
list is:

UPCXrdPgm_Srcs          = \
                        cldtopo.pgm     \
                        gvarinfo.pgm    \
                        makemap.pgm     \
                        remap2.pgm      \
                        torplot.pgm     \
                        txt2grid.pgm    \
                        windlist.pgm    \


UPCXrdC_Srcs            = \

You can build all of these routines in Unidata McIDAS in one go (assuming
you have already built McIDAS) by typing the following:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas2002/src
make xrd

You then install the program executables and help files with:

make install.xrd

Also, the formalism for adding more XRD routines to the makefile is
there.  If you read through the XRD section in the make file you
should get the idea of how to add new XRD routines to the list that
you want built with a 'make xrd'.

>Any help you can provide would be a great help.

If the version of remap2 bundled with my v2002 release does not work
on your Linux system, you may need to update the source, remap2.pgm,
in ~mcidas/mcidas2002/src and then retry the build, link, and install.


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