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20030520: McIDAS-X v2002 MCGUI

>From:  "Jennie L. Moody" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UVa
>Keywords:  200305201647.h4KGlULd000828 McIDAS-X MCGUI

Hi Jennie,

>I have finally been trying to do some work with McIDAS 2002. 

I trust things are working OK?

>I still need to clean up the grid decoding that we are doing
>here, and fix batches.

The GRID decoding is a really worry for McIDAS.  The volume of grib
messages (model output) that the NWS sends in NOAAPORT is going to
nothing _but_ increase.  So, if you are having disk space problems now,
the situation will only get worse with time.

>For the moment, I would just like to
>be able to start a mcidas session with the MGUI turned on,
>but it isn't working.  I get a display window, but no text

The MCGUI has the McIDAS Text and Command window turned off by
default.  There is a GUI Text and Command window available to you
through the keyboard icon (the button on the MCGUI just to the left of
to the button with the big Z).  Click the keyboard button with the left
button (three button mouse) and the GUI Text and Command window should
appear; click it again with the left button, and the GUI Text and
Command window should disappear.

Click the same button with the middle mouse button, and the standard
McIDAS Text and Command window will appear.  Additional clicks of the
button will bring up additional invocations of the standard McIDAS Text
and Command window.

Click the same button with the right mouse button, and a second
type of GUI Text and Command window will be brought up.  This
window has the same properties as the first GUI Text and Command
window EXCEPT that commands run from the MCGUI will not appear
in its list and not be recallable.

>and pull down commands do not produce a display.  

We need to find out why this is the case.  I would guess that the
reason is that the MCGUI has not been told which machines to look at
for various types of data.  You teach your McIDAS session where to look
by use of the ADDE Client Routing Config button (just to the right of
the button with the big Z).  Left click the mouse over this button (the
action is also available as the ADDE Dataset Location option under the
Configure drop down at the top of the MCGUI).

Once the ADDE Client Routing Config GUI is up, you can set the machine
to look at for the various types of data indicated by the tabs across
the top: GRID, IMAGE, POINT, and TEXT.  Since windfall is setup to
decode McIDAS data, you will want to point at it for the datasets that
it should have:


I don't remember right off if your are ingesting NNEXRAD, or FNEXRAD
data.  If you are, and if datasets are setup for them, then you set add
windfall.evsc.virginia.edu as the upstream host for those datasets in
this GUI.

>I turned off the MCGUI and I CAN get a plain session of mcidas
>with the text window and the display window (labelled 2002b).  

That is so ugly ;-)

>What do I need to change to get the MCGUI working under 2002 
>(besides turning the MCGUI line back on in the .mcidasrc file)?

See above.

>Is the MCGUI compatible or upgraded for 2002?


>By the way, Tony graduated Sunday (in the pouring rain),

Dr. Tony :-)

>they moved the Departments ceremony inside at least, so
>I got to "hood" him (I missed this pomp and circumstance
>with Owen, because graduation was the weekend of my father's
>funeral in Michigan, sigh.)  Anyway, it was a nice feeling.
>I don't know if I mentioned that Tony won the top graduate
>award we give in our Department (to the tune of $1500, not
>too shabby).

Cool.  Pass along my congratulations.

>We had a graduation Party at my house on
>Sunday, and Tony showed up in a Wisconsin shirt!

Wouldn't you know :-)

>Life goes on.  Glad some people stay in the same place
>for a while (I am hoping you don't retire before I
>regain some proficiency with McIDAS....ooooh, scary
>thought huh?)

Well, I would love to broaden my involvement with the international
community through MeteoForum.  I have to do most of that stuff
in my off hours.  The problem is that there are just not enough
of those off hours available (sigh).

>Hope all goes well.

Please let me know if you can't get the MCGUI stuff going from the
hints above.


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