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20030507: McIDAS installation at UFRJ

>From:  David Garrana Coelho <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UFRJ
>Keywords:  200305071213.h47CDk7U003082 McIDAS-X v2002b install

Hi David,

I started writing this note this morning and was just now able to
get back to it.

>       I'm writing to ask if our LDM is behaving well, since rstats page
>for brisa is a bit odd, but I believe its due some kind of tests you may
>be doing.

Right after seeing your note this morning, I checked the stats pages
for brisa and verified your observation.  I have since looked at several
other stats reports and see a systematic problem.  I touched base
with the maintainer of the rtstats pages/procedures and he found a
problem with the receiving LDM on our end.  The real time stats are
now updating normally, and the latencies to brisa are looking pretty

>       I'd like to ask too how MCIDAS instalation is going, and if there
>is anything we can do here to help you in the process, since you seems to
>be a very busy person (and kind as well :)).

I was out of town the end of last week through Monday.  I spent Tuesday
dealing with high priority email, so your note was very timely indeed.
I FTPed the Unidata McIDAS-X distribution, mcidasx2002.tar.Z, down
to brisa this morning in the 'mcidas' account and built and installed
the package.

1) <logon as 'mcidas'>

2) get the distribution

cd ~mcidas
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> umcidas
  <pass> XXXXXX
  cd unix/2002
  mget mcinstall mcinet2002.sh mcidasx2002.tar.Z

3) setup the .bash_profile file with needed environment variable definitions
   needed to build McIDAS.  Reference:

Unidata HomePage

Version 2002 Installation and Configuration
  Initial Preparations

    Prepare the mcidas and mcadde Accounts

The last link contains information on environment variables that one
needs to define to build McIDAS.  It also has a link to a document
called "Notes and Warnings" which has information on environment
variables needed for the netCDF portion of the McIDAS build.  I took
the information from the two pages and incorporated the mods into
~mcidas/.bash_profile and created the file ~mcidas/.mcenv.  The latter
file will be used by the ADDE remote server _if_ you decide that you
want other machines to be able to access McIDAS data remotely from
brisa.  More on this later.

4) build the distribution

cd ~mcidas
chmod +x mcinstall
./mcinstall                   <- creates needed directories and unpacks the
                                 distribution file, mcidasx2002.tar.Z

rm mcidasx2002.tar.Z          <- clean up a bit to conserve disk space
cd mcidas2002/src

make all VENDPR=-g77          <- build McIDAS-X and McIDAS-XCD (XCD is the
                                 decoder component of McIDAS).  The build
                                 proceeded with no problems

make install.all VENDOR=-g77  <- 'install' McIDAS files in the appropriate
                                 locations: help files in ~mcidas/help;
                                 executables in ~mcidas/bin; ancillary
                                 data files in ~mcidas/data; decoder
                                 configuration files and 'mcidas' supervisor
                                 configuration files in ~mcidas/workdata

At this point, McIDAS is built and installed on brisa, but it is not
yet configured to do anything useful.  The next step in the process is
to setup a data directory in which McIDAS data files can be written.
Since the 'ldm' account is already setup with a data directory under
which is a gempak subdirectory, I did the same for 'mcidas':

<as 'ldm'>
cd ~ldm/data
mkdir mcidas
chmod 777 mcidas              <- these are needed since 'mcidas' is not in
chmod 777 /usr/local/ldm         the same group as 'ldm'.  I recommend
                                 that 'mcidas' and 'ldm' be put in the
                                 same group AND that a user named 'mcadde'
                                 also be created and put in the same
                                 group.  The HOME directory for 'mcadde'
                                 should be the same as both 'mcidas' and

So, as I leave off for tonight, McIDAS has been downloaded, built,
installed, and mostly configured.  There are some more configuration
steps that I need to finish, but I will have to get to these tomorrow.

>We planning to remodel our
>Home Page to add observational and satellite products near end May/early
>June, if everything goes well. Not meaning to rush you, of course, but if
>there is something within my reach to help you help us, I'd like to

I should have McIDAS configured tomorrow some time.  The next step is
to setup some cron jobs that will create the sectors that you expressed
interest in.  This will take a couple of days to get working correctly,
so you will have to bear with me.  After I get the sector creation
working, I will want to inject them into the LDM queue so that they can
be sent to downstream sites which, to begin with, will be UFPA and U
Buenos Aires.

More tomorrow...

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