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20030424: 20030423: LDM-6 installations at Lyndon (cont.)

>From: Mark Tucker <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200304211433.h3LEXd7U002066 McIDAS ADDE compress FreeBSD

Hi Mark,

>On Wednesday 23 April 2003 20:53, you wrote:
>> dataloc.k ADD RTIMAGES omega.lsc.vsc.edu
>> imglist.k RTIMAGES/GE-IR.ALL
>> Does this work (it shouldn't since your other invocations are failing)?

>I played with this some more and found that by telnetting to port 503 on omega
>the adde server process returned an error, "cd: can't cd to 
>/home/mcidas/workdata".  I checked out ~mcidas/.mcenv and found that I hadn't 
>updated $MCHOME to match our installation directory of /software/mcidas.  
>Stupid oversight on my part.  The requests now work without any error 

Wonderful!  I had been on the verge of sending you a note with steps
to check out the environment setup in .mcenv, but you beat me to it!

>Thanks for your help on this.

No worries.  I am glad things are up and running.

>BTW, freebsd is surprisingly fast.  Our ldm running Linux on the same hardware
>runs at a much higher load for the same tasks.  It seems to maintain 
>responsiveness under high load in more graceful manner, similar to the way 
>solaris performs.

This matches our experience as well.  I am grateful to Jim Koermer
of Plymouth State for showing us the way to FreeBSD.



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