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20030423: problem with REDIRECT on OSF/1 4.0F (cont.)

>From: "Craddock, Mary Ellen" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Northrop Grumman
>Keywords: 200304211441.h3LEf47U008241 McIDAS-X v2002b Compaq OSF/1 4.0F

Hi Mary Ellen,

>       The output from DMAP Frame looks ok:
>-r--   3072    Mar 27 2002     Frame1.0        /usr/users/mcidas/help
>-r--   3072    Apr 23 11:29 Frame2.0   /usr/users/mel/.mctmp/704520
>-r--  3072     Apr 23 11:29 Frame62.0  /usr/users/mel/.mctmp/704520

This _does_ show a problem.  The copy of /usr/users/mcidas/help/Frame1.0
should not exist.  You need to delete this file as 'mcidas', since I am
it was probably created by a process run by 'mcidas'.  My experience
with FrameN.M files showing up in the ~mcidas/help directory is caused
by the environment not beings setup correctly for the user 'mcidas' when its
default Unix shell is Csh or Tcsh.

>I agree the problem seems to be with REDIRECT ADD only. DEL, REST, and LIST
>work fine.

I am now very curious about what may happen when the Frame1.0 file
owned by 'mcidas' is deleted.

>I ran 'DMAP AREA4' after successfully restoring TEST.NAM like yesterday and
>got the same output:
>"0 bytes in 0 files". I'm guessing DMAP is not a viable option for a work
>around at this point.


>I rebuilt the REDIRECT executable per your instructions but the problem
>still exists with the new version.

OK, it was worth a try.

>I have not rebuilt REDIRECT executable yet with the optimization turned OFF
>or with the debug turned ON. Will do so tomorrow. 


>I agree that at this point the most workable solution is to use an editor to
>put needed REDIRECTions in an ASCII file and then use REDIRECT REST to
>update LWPATH.NAM. But if you see anything interesting in the above results
>we might yet figure this out. 

Since your tests have all been done as the user 'mel', the real problem
may be being masked.  What happens, for instance, if you login as the
user 'mcidas' and run the same tests?  If REDIRECT actions work as the
user 'mcidas', it would be telling us that there is a subtle file
permission problem when running as the user 'mel'.  The fact that there
is a Frame1.0 file in the ~mcidas/help directory hints that this may be
the problem, so I would encourage you to run the REDIRECT tests as
'mcidas' before doing anything else (other than deleting the errant
copy of Frame1.0, that is).


>From address@hidden Wed Apr 23 14:58:53 2003

        Unfortunately the removal of Frame1.0 from /usr/users/mcidas/help
did not help either user 'mel' or user 'mcidas'. I ran the redirect tests
for user 'mcidas' after removing Frame1.0 and I get the same symptoms. Our
last ditch effort will be to try the various combinations of redirect.pgm
with optimization on/off and debug on/off to see if we can make any
difference there.

Mary Ellen

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