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20030404: Problem Downloading UNIDATA McIDAS-X Update 2002b

>From: "Tonkin, Martha E." <address@hidden>
>Organization: TASC
>Keywords: 200304041548.h34Fml7U014385 McIDAS v2002b

Hi Martha,

>I am unable to download the mcupdate file for the 2002b McIDAS-X fix.
>Neither the web download (which cannot connect) nor
>the FTP download works.  The latter will not allow me to connect using our
>UNIDATA account (account name ngtasc) and when 
>I connect as anonymous, I cannot locate the directory specified in your
>documentation,  unix/2002/bugfix, either under the root 
>or under /pub.  This has been going on since yesterday.
>Can you help?

I am not sure why the web download isn't working for you, but I can
quickly address the FTP side.  The McIDAS code is available by password
protected FTP.  The FTP user name and password are not those you
receive when you register with the web portal, but, rather, are:

user:      umcidas
pass:      XXXXXX
directory: unix/2002/bugfix
file:      mcupdate.tar.Z

The web download failure is an unexpected one as I checked the download
from the web portal before making my announcement.

I just logged onto a university user's machine that I have access to as
the user 'mcidas' and started Netscape (tm) with display back to my
machine here at the UPC.  I logged onto Unidata web portal,
my.unidata.ucar.edu, and then successfully downloaded the
mcupdate.tar.Z file to the user's machine.

Is it possible that you were trying to download to a directory
that you don't have write permission for?  This is pretty common
situation.   If this isn't the error you are seeing, can you describe
fully what you ran into in the web portal?  It will help us determine
what may be happening on your system.   Thanks in advance...


Tom Yoksas

>From address@hidden Mon Apr  7 08:25:47 2003
>Cc: address@hidden,
>   "Alliss, Randall J." <address@hidden>,
>   "Craddock, Mary Ellen" <address@hidden>


When I try to download via the web, after logging in with our
account name (ngtasc) and password, then I click on the
link for mcupdate.tar.Z.  The browser status shows connecting,
the hour glass hangs there for awhile, then I get a message
that there is no response from server, or server down.  This
is trying from both a W2000 box and a Linux box.

IIRC we had this problem once before, and it had something
to do with DNS on our end, but I cannot recall the details.

The command line ftp with the account info you
furnished worked fine.


Martha Tonkin

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