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20030325: mcidas2002 on new terminal

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200303252255.h2PMtRB2003110 McIDAS .mcidasrc

Hi Alan,

I am in DC at the NSF review panel for our 5 year proposal, so this
reply will be fairly brief.

>After your message of yesterday concerning our exchange on
>the how I typed the install command,  I went back as  user mcidas
>and typed:      make install.all    
>We do plan to set up an LDM on this terminal, and I assume XCD
>decoders as well.  
>This time,  after lots of screens flashed,  the install ended with no
>error messages.

Very good.

>Decided to configure sessions by editing  .mcidasrc   My initial
>is just to resize the image window to more nearly match our monitor
>screen size.   This worked as expected for user mcidas;  I found the
>.mcidasrc file in  ~mcidas and edited it.   Image window now matches

You could do this interactively with the GUI startup, but editing
.mcidasrc is fine also.

>I have also created a user named   student   on this terminal,   same
>group as mcidas.

You should not put users other than 'ldm' and 'mcadde' in the same group
as 'mcidas'.

>Exited and logged back in as   student.  I had
>edited the  .cshrc file  for student  as directed.     


>McIDAS started fine,  created a product or two.   Exited McIDAS  and
>went to
>edit  .mcidasrc  for  user  student,  but it is not there  (not in 
>home directory)  which is   /home/student.     According to the  web
>and my experience with earlier versions,   each user  has their own 
>file,  so I am puzzled.
>What is the problem ?

If you started McIDAS using the startup GUI, you have to make sure to
specify that you want to save the mods for .mcidasrc to be created.
The other thing I can add is that you must make sure that the user's
HOME directory is writable by that user.  If this is the case, and the
startup by the GUI doesn't work, then start McIDAS by running 'mcidasx'
and then EXITing the session.  The file should then exist.

The meeting is starting again.  Got to run...


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