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20030317: is the 1x1 degree AVN GRIB decoder available? (cont.)

>From: Owen Cooper <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA
>Keywords: 200202181908.g1IJ8Dx01947 McIDAS gribdec.tar.Z

Hi Owen,

>This is great news, but before I get too excited I just need to make sure it
>will work with my archived GRIB files.

It should, but you are right to be skeptical.

>I have the 1x1 degree analyses of the final run (FNL) of the NCEP global
>model that are archived every six hours at NCAR.  As far as I have been
>able to tell these archived FNL files have the same form at as the realtime
>Global Model analyses available on the NCEP ftp site.


>Would it be straight forward for you to try to decode one of these GRIB


>I could put an example file on our ftp server.


>I would just like to make sure that the GRIB file can be decoded before
>Hsie and I potentially run into problems with the decoder and wind up
>bugging you for sollutions when the problem could lie in the format of
>the archived GRIBS.

The warning/error messages output by the decoder should provide the
information necessary.

>Please let me know what you think,

The real key to the evaluation of the decoding will be if the resulting
plots of the fields are correct.  This is something that you will need
to evaluate, but I am willing to run gribdec.k through a decode run and
let you know what I experience.


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