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20030308: waldo and some other things

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200303051955.h25Jts318746 McIDAS GOESCOMP MC

Hi Alan,

>Once again I am so very grateful for your work.   Thank you Tom.

It's my pleasure.

>A few comments on your message of yesterday (mar 7  afternoon)
>1.  Text messages now work ok on our terminals which talk to waldo.


>     The deletion of the services from inetd.conf which support McIDAS
>     ADDE  is a mystery to me.   I  edited this file, but am fairly sure
>     I only  changed the line  regarding  telnet, ftp and tftp.   I did
>     edit the file however so perhaps I did more than I thought.

It was not a big thing at all.

>    Anyway, it works now.   From you message,  I assume inetd.conf  is
>    edited as needed for McIDAS ADDE by the line
>    sh  ./mcinet2002.sh install mcadde

Yes, exactly.  That script puts the necessary entries in /etc/inetd.conf
and /etc/services.  After doing that it sends a HUP signal to inetd
telling it to reread its configuration file, inetd.conf.

>2.  When I start MCIDAS on waldo,  I see the version no. listed as
>     7.704 .   Find this puzzling as v. 2002 is listed by your comments.
>     Is it possible that ver. 2002 is built, but not yet running on
>     waldo ?

Yes, this is possible.  Hmm...  Did I build v2002 some time ago and not
install it since you wanted to wait?  This is sounding vaguely familar...
If it is true, it does not explain the GOES-East/West compositing
failure, but I found something else.  See next comment.

>     Also, composite images still show blank regions same as our other
>     terminals described in  3.  below.

I think I found this problem earlier today, and will fix it in a few minutes.
The McIDAS routing table on waldo, ROUTE.SYS, is damaged and needs replacing.
This is easily done by running the DROUTE.BAT batch file:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
batch.k DROUTE.BAT

This is what I will do when I log back on.

>3.  When checking the E/W composite images on our terminals,
>    I still see the big blank regions.    Also realized that the McIDAS
>    version on  our terminals is  v 7.705  and that the fix you describe
>    (building mc.k) may need to be done on each of these terminals.

No, the compositing is done upon receipt of the product by a McIDAS process
running on the machine running the LDM.  This is, I believe, waldo.

>    Another reason for me do get on the upgrade path.

There have been many bug fixes and enhancements since 7.7x, so upgrading
would be a useful thing to do.

>4.  I will plan to get   ssh  installed.    I knew about this but did
>    not get it done.

The installation of ssh and disabling of telnet/rlogin is one of the
most important things you can do for your security.

>5. Thanks for upgrading our LDM.   I  also am planning to set up LDM
>    on another machine ( a small Sun server, Enterprise 250);  will
>    follow the instructions on your web site,  but will likely also have
>    questions from support.

The good news is that the LDM is easy to install and get running.

>Enough for now

OK, I will be jumping back onto waldo to work on the ROUTE.SYS problem
I noted above.

>Thanks again Tom

No worries.  I will let you know about anything else I find.


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