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20030305: composite images on MCIDAS

>From: "Anderson, Alan C. " <address@hidden>
>Organization: St. Cloud State
>Keywords: 200303051955.h25Jts318746 McIDAS GOESCOMP MC

Hi Alan,

>A colleague of mine noted that the E-W composite images on MCIDAS
>have often had missing sections,  particularly the SE region of US but
>occasionally other portions as well.   This seems to be more common
>in the last several weeks.
>Any system explanation for this ?

I checked into this after seeing your note and see that the problem is
with the v2002 distribution makefile.  I moved the source code for the
McIDAS application MC (mc.pgm) into the section of routines that
doesn't get built.  The problem is that the compositing routine
GOESCOMP needs MC to complete the composite, so it needs that

The solution is actually a minor change in the McIDAS makefile.  This
change will be included in the McIDAS addendum that I will be releasing

I tried to logon to waldo to making the change for you now, but I was
unable to connect using telnet or rlogin (which I see are disabled), or
ssh.  If you give me access to waldo, I will make the change for you,
and, if you are willing upgrade your LDM to the latest Unidata


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