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20030303: McIDAS RTNEXRAD serving (cont.)

>From: David Fitzgerald <address@hidden>
>Organization: Millersville University of Pennsylvania
>Keywords: 200302271904.h1RJ4Ct29675 McIDAS ADDE

Hi Dave,

>Just wanted to let you know I downloaded the new package for McIDAS.  
>Compilation and installation went smoothly.  Thanks!

Sounds good!

>But ... (always a but) I am still having  problems with getting RTNEXRAD
>imagery to display.

Now, why couldn't your note end with "went smoothly" :-(

>After checking my directory structure again, I AM saving my NNEXRAD data in 
>a file structure of /var/data/gempak/images/NEXRAD/\ID/\TYPE
>a `pwd` on one of the directories gives:
>  /var/data/gempak/images/NEXRAD/LWX/N0R  
>note that the ID "IS" shown as the 3 letter station ID.


>The files themselves are in the form:
>  N0R_20030303_1753 
>My NNEXRAD.CFG file uses:
>  DIRMASK=/var/data/gempak/images/NEXRAD/\ID/\TYPE

Your FILEMASK should be:


McIDAS does not (yet) understand the CCYYMMDD construct like GEMPAK does.

>When I try to "data availability" from MCGUI for RTNEXRAD, I get an error 
>window.  The stack trace is:
>bad window path name ".addeimgload"
>    while executing
>"error "bad window path name \"$data(-parent)\"""
>    (procedure "tk_messageBox" line 38)
>    invoked from within
>"tk_messageBox -type ok -icon error -title "No NEXRAD Data Found"  -message "N
> o 
>NEXRAD images found in dataset $dsetGroup"  -parent .addeimgload"
>    invoked from within
>"$postprocess invoke"
>    (command bound to event)

Right.  What you need to do is change the FILEMASK entry in your NEXRAD
configuration file as I indicated above, and then test the change from the
McIDAS Command window:


>On the command line, IMGLIST RTNEXRAD/N0R.ALL ID=LIST gives 
>IMGLIST: There are no images that meet the selection criteria.
>Do you have any more ideas?

Things should start working once you have FILEMASK setup correctly.

>If you wish I can give you access to snowball and the McIDAS account to check 
>things out.

I can do this if you like.  I think it would be good for you to complete
the mod of FILEMASK to prove that you can do the setup (sort of a moral

If I logged on, I would change your setup in two ways:

1) fix the FILEMASK= setting in the configuration file

2) change the name of the configuration file so that it won't get
   overwritten by a McIDAS addendum/upgrade.  I would change the
   file name to something like MILLNEXR.CFG, or something equivalent.
   After this is changed, the DSSERVE information for definition of
   the dataset would have to be changed to point at the renamed file.
   Since you used LSSERVE.BAT to define the RTNEXRAD dataset, I would
   edit it to change the name of the configuration file and then
   rerun BATCH to redefine the datasets:

   <edit ~mcidas/data/LSSERVE.BAT>
   cd ~mcidas/workdata
   batch.k LSSERVE.BAT

One last question.  Did you setup the ADDE remote server on this new
Solaris 9 machine?  If not, I recommend that you do so, and then setup
your DATALOCs to point at the remote server for your dataset access.
This will make adding new machines/serving external machines easier
in the future.


>From address@hidden Mon Mar  3 12:05:39 2003



It works great now!

David Fitzgerald   
System Administrator             
Millersville University  
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