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20030226: McIDAS-X user command at Santa Clara University (cont.)

>From: "Mahalingam Haritharan" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Santa Clara University
>Keywords: 200301211713.h0LHD0x09375 McIDAS ADDE


>I am getting different date from today in the output file for location. how 
>do I change the date in software. I cannot locate the date set in the 

The select sequence in your program is:

c   It wants a certen number of sleects else it wont do a mcalin
c      Looks like mcaget wants at lest these two slectts
c     Set selection conditions
         selects(1)='SIZE 480 640'
         selects(2)='BAND 4'
c       selects(3)='DAY 02254'
c       selects(4)='TIME 20:59 21:01'
c      selects(3)='POS 1'

If you really want to specify the DAY to search for, you could uncomment
out the:

c       selects(3)='DAY 02254'

line and change the DAY value to the day you want in the form YYJJJ,
where YY is the last two digits of the year, and JJJ is the Julian day
number of the year.  You would then have to recompile/relink your
source code into an executable.

One comment: if the data that is being shown is not for today, it
should mean that today's data is not available.  The ADDE server for
the data will always return back the most recent image when the
DAY/TIME is not specified.

Tom Yoksas

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