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20030203: location of McIDAS-X executables for RAMSDIS (cont.)

>From: "Mahalingam Haritharan" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Santa Clara University
>Keywords: 200301211713.h0LHD0x09375 McIDAS Windows RAMSDIS


>I still couldnot located yet. is there any executable file to open McIDAS-X 

I don't understand what you are asking.  The problem is that I am not
familiar with the way RAMSDIS sets up to use executables.  I would
think, however, that you would be logged in to your Windows machine as
some user, and that you could at a minimum open up the Command Prompt
tool and find out what the PATH is.  If RAMSDIS has some sort of
startup script/program, this could all be done for you behind the

Again, I am not familiar with RAMSDIS, so I can't really help you with
specifics; sorry.


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