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20021206: McIDAS: Directory overflow

>From: Michael Keables <address@hidden>
>Organization: DU
>Keywords: 200212062000.gB6K0e402340 McIDAS-XCD mcscour.sh

Hi Mike,

>The /data directory on cyclone is full again...I've gone through it but
>can't seem to find out where all of the space went. Part of the problem is I
>don't know what the typical file sizes should be for the various data
>Would you please take a look at cyclone when you get a chance and see what's
>going on?

Sure.  I jumped onto cyclone and started looking in /data/ldm/mcidas.
Sure enough, the files were eating up all of the filesystem (8 GB).
The first thing I did was to manually delete three really old .XCD
files.  This freed up a few hundred MB of space, but it was not the
problem.  The next thing I did by hand was to delete all GRID* files
that were of zero length.

Next, I became 'ldm' and took a look at the crontab to see what was
being run for data scouring.  Crontab shows that ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh
is to be run, so I took a look in it.  The first thing I noted was that
mcscour.sh had not been updated to scour all of the grids that
McIDAS-XCD produces.  Since the McIDAS GRID files are huge, this as
probly your problem.

I edited ~ldm/decoders/mcscour.sh and:


qrtmdg.k GRID 5001 6000 1


qrtmdg.k GRID 5001 6400 1

I then ran mcscour.sh by hand:

<as 'ldm'>

After this ran, you now have a lot (like 6 GB) of free space in /data.
So, it looks like the problem was that the GRID scouring entry in
mcscour.sh needed updating to match the GRID files that the v2002 XCD
GRIB decoder produces.


No worries.  You should be OK now.  Please keep an eye on your disk
space for a couple of days to make sure that things are working
correctly.  In particular, you should look at the mcscour.sh log file:


This will tell you when mcscour.sh is run from cron (by the file's time
stamp), and what it deleted.


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