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20021204: McIDAS software download

>From: Melanie Wetzel <address@hidden>
>Organization: Univresity of Nevada-Reno/DRI
>Keywords: 200212041702.gB4H2Q426787 McIDAS-X

Hi Melanie,

Long time no hear!

>Hi, I was trying to download the mcidasx2002.tar.Z today and was served
>a page that says I must be an educational institution to receive the
>software.  I am.... could you help me resolve access to the software?

The problem according to our Web engineer, Scott, was:

"We had the 'Desert Research Institute' listed as a research facility 
instead of a degree granting college or university.  I've fixed the 
discrepancy and Dr. Wetzel should have no further issues with 
downloading software."

Since our license to distribute McIDAS is limited to research and
educational institutions (worldwide!), we implemented a filter that
only allows immediate access to .edus.  As you found out, we force
other folks to send us an email so we can judge whether or not they
should be allowed access to our distribution.  I am sorry for the
hassle, but we have not been able to figure out anything easier to do.

So, you should not have a problem grabbing the distribution now.  Please
let me know if you do continue to have problems.

Gone skiing yet?


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