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20021121: HDSS Access System, NEXRAD Station Selection

>From: Louis Nguyen <address@hidden>
>Organization: NASA/LARC
>Keywords: 200211211744.gALHiM417663 NEXRAD Level III MacOS-X

Hi Louis,

>Thought you may be interested in knowing about NCDC free access to
>historical rad NEXRAD level 3 data. Here's the link.  I think you can
>only access from GOV domain.

What is really interesting about this is we just got a request from
NCDC to access _our_ NEXRAD Level III through ADDE (we have two weeks
available online).  Go figure.

>BTW, at the MUG meeting you mentioned that you kinda have a version of
>mcidas to compile under MAX OS-X.  Mind if we get a copy of it.  We're
>anxious to run it on the MAC.  Hopefully, MUG will support MAC OS-X

More specifically, I said that I was _close_ to getting this to work.
I havn't had time to work on this since the MUG meeting (man, have I
been busy), so I have nothing new that I could give you.  I promise,
however, to let you know as soon as I have something that works.


>From address@hidden Thu Nov 21 11:45:32 2002


re: NCDC wants access to our online Level III data

>It just tells you that you have a good product and system in place and
>easy to use.  Having the data is one thing, but visualization is
>another thing.  Anyways, I think the raw archive goes back to 1995 or

I went to the web site you gave us, and was successful in downloading
all Level III data for a station for a day (all that I tried).  I
got email notification of the FTP/web availability of the data file
they created within something like 10 minutes; downloaded the file;
unpacked it into a directory; setup an ADDE dataset for the N0R and
NCR products; and was looking at them minutes later.

This was _so_ simple!  Very cool!  Thanks for passing along the URL!!


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