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20021120: Corrupt ROUTE.SYS and ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files (cont.)

>From: Angel Li <address@hidden>
>Organization: U Miami/RSMAS
>Keywords: 200211150406.gAF46PL16731 McIDAS ROUTE.SYS


re: /etc/syslog.conf entry for LDM logging

>I fixed the syslog config file. Was wondering why it wasn't logging but 
>hadn't had time to look into it.

Looks good:

mcidas% less /ldm/logs/ldmd.log
Nov 20 20:36:03 sapodilla pnga2area[56926]: Starting Up
Nov 20 20:36:04 sapodilla pnga2area[56926]: unPNG::  1089883   2422256  2.2225
Nov 20 20:36:04 sapodilla pnga2area[56926]: Exiting
Nov 20 20:36:04 sapodilla pnga2area[49951]: Starting Up
Nov 20 20:36:04 sapodilla pnga2area[49951]: unPNG::   165847    607856  3.6652
Nov 20 20:36:04 sapodilla pnga2area[49951]: Exiting
Nov 20 20:36:42 sapodilla pnga2area[46320]: Starting Up
Nov 20 20:36:43 sapodilla pnga2area[46320]: unPNG::  1527769   2422256  1.5855
Nov 20 20:36:43 sapodilla pnga2area[46320]: Exiting
Nov 20 20:50:08 sapodilla pnga2area[57854]: Starting Up
Nov 20 20:50:09 sapodilla pnga2area[57854]: unPNG::    42830    309280  7.2211
Nov 20 20:50:09 sapodilla pnga2area[57854]: Exiting
Nov 20 21:05:38 sapodilla pnga2area[53077]: Starting Up
Nov 20 21:05:38 sapodilla pnga2area[53077]: unPNG::     4313    225088  52.1883

>The /s1 disk is going way and that's what started the migration of 
>everything to /s3.

OK, that makes sense.

re: the things that will need to be done are the merging of ADDE dataset
locations currently in ldm/mcidas/data/MCTABLE.TXT into either a newly create
/mcidas/workdata/MCTABLE.TXT or, better yet, into the existing

Also, the ADDE dataset definitions in
>>/ldm/mcidas/data/RESOLV.SRV need to be merged into the existing dataset
>>definition file /mcidas/workdata/RESOLV.SRV.  Lastly, a resolution of
>>REDIRECTions in /ldm/mcidas/data/LWPATH.NAM must be made with the
>>corresponding file for 'mcidas', /mcidas/workdata/LWPATH.NAM.

>I diffed the two RESOLV.SRV and added the missing entries to 

Good.  I took a quick look:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd workdata
dsserve.k LIST

and things look OK.  One thing, however.  The ADDE dataset entries
are setup to use images in particular AREA file number ranges.  For

mcidas* dsserve.k LIST

Group/Descriptor         Type  Format & Range     RT Comment
------------------------ ----- ------------------ -- --------------------
LOCALGIL/N12GAC          IMAGE AREA 4001-4050        NOAA12 GACs from GILMORE
LOCALGIL/N12HRPT         IMAGE AREA 6001-6050        NOAA12 HRPTs from GILMORE

There are no file REDIRECTions for these AREA files, and the MCPATH
for 'mcidas' does not contain a directory where these are to be found.
Where exactly are these images stored/supposed to be stored?  In order
for the images to be usable by McIDAS, REDIRECTions will have to be
created or MCPATH will have to be updated.

>I removed ~ldm's crontab entries to get Wisconsin imagery and added 
>commented out lines to ~mcidas's crontab. Can I enable those lines now 
>that I've edited RESOLV.SRV? "dsserve.k LIST" shows the right stuff. 

The entries in RESOLV.SRV define the mapping between dataset name
(as a group/descriptor pair) and the files that make up the dataset.
If McIDAS is not told where to store these images (through REDIRECTions),
they will be written to the first writeable directory in MCPATH.
Right now for 'mcidas', this is the /mcidas/workdata directory.
I recommend keeping data files out of this directory (and out of
/mcidas/data and /mcidas/help).  The easiest way to do this is by
setting up REDIRECTions that point to a particular location.

>Also copied /ldm/data/MCTABLE.TXT to /mcidas/workdata. Not really sure 
>about some entries in there so I left them in.

MCTABLE.TXT and /mcidas/data/ADDESITE.TXT tell McIDAS applications which
servers to go to when looking for named datasets.  The important entries
in MCTABLE.TXT are the ones for GILMORE.SSEC.WISC.EDU and
RTPTSRC, TOPO, and MYDATA can be deleted.  This would leave the contents


So, it seems like the last step is teaching McIDAS how to locate the
AREA files that will make up the various datasets now defined in


>Thanks again for straightening out our setup.

No problem.

One last thing.  Have you considered setting up the remote ADDE server on
sapodilla?  This would allow ADDE enabled applications to have access
to the datasets that are defined in RESOLV.SRV.  The setup is quick and

o create the account 'mcadde' that has the same HOME directory as the
  user 'mcidas'.  Make this a non-login account (default shell == /bin/false)

o put 'mcadde' into the same group as 'mcidas' and 'ldm'

o make sure that ~mcidas is readable and writable by group (this is already
  done on your system)

o create the file ~mcidas/.mcenv with appropriate environment variable
  definitions for McIDAS.  I just did this.

o as 'root', run the mcinet2002.sh script:

  cd /mcidas
  sh ./mcinet2002.sh mcadde install

  This creates entries in /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services.  It also sends
  a HUP to inetd so that it will reread these files.

Like I say, after this is setup, ADDE-enabled applications (like McIDAS
and the Unidata IDV) will be able to access the datasets defined in the
'mcidas' account in the same way that you are able to access the datasets
at SSEC.


>From address@hidden Wed Nov 20 15:40:47 2002
>Subject: Re: 20021120: Corrupt ROUTE.SYS and ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files 

re: REDIRECTions for AREA files 

>These files that we IMGCOPY from Wisconsin are huge so after they get 
>copied in, they are copied somewhere else and then deleted. It doesn't 
>really matter where they get copied to so I'll edit up LWPATH.NAM and 
>stick them in /ldm/data/wisconsin.

re: remove certain defines from MCTABLE.TXT


re: RESOLV.SRV entries
>I have edited LWPATH.NAM to add the redirections for the Wisconsin 
>imagery. I've also edited all the scripts that we use to get data from 
>Wisconsin. I removed just about every reference to MC* environmental 
>variables and I'm defaulting to whatever is defined in ~mcidas's shell 
>startup file.

>I've also enabled the crontab commands for mcidas.


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