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20021114: Corrupt ROUTE.SYS

>From: Angel Li <address@hidden>
>Organization: U Miami/RSMAS
>Keywords: 200211150406.gAF46PL16731 McIDAS ROUTE.SYS

Hi Angel,

>I had to copy the mcidas tree to a new disk and after the copy I haven't
>seen any mcidas data being processed. I listed the route table and
>it looks like it is corrupt. How do I rebuild it?

I include a BATCH file in the Unidata McIDAS distribution that is designed
to be used as a template for the (re)creation of the routing table, ROUTE.SYS.

The idea is for a site to:

o make a local copy of DROUTE.BAT:

  cd ~mcidas/data

o edit the copy just made to determine which decoding services should be

o make those settings active:

  cd ~mcidas/workdata
  batch.k LROUTE.BAT

This all assumes that your session has been setup to locate ROUTE.SYS
in the directory you want.  For instance, if the data decoding by
ldm-mcidas decoders (the ones that are going to decode Unidata-Wisconsin
images into McIDAS AREAs) is /data/ldm/mcidas, then your McIDAS session
will need to have a REDIRECTion that says that ROUTE.SYS should be
found/used/modified in that directory:

cd ~mcidas/workdata
redirect.k ADD ROUTE.SYS \"/data/ldm/mcidas

This must be done _before_ running the 'batch.k LROUTE.BAT' invocation.

Once a new copy of ROUTE.SYS has been made (you should make this during
a period when no ldm-mcidas decoder is trying to use it), you must make
sure that the read/write permissions on ROUTE.SYS are such that the
user running the 'ldm' can read AND write it.

Next, to make sure that you have the settings that you want, run the
ROUTE command to list out the ROUTE.SYS entries:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/workdata
route.k LIST

If there are actions in the routing table that you want enabled, you
can do so at any time from the command line.  For instance, if you
forgot to turn on compositing of GOES-East and West images in your
LROUTE.BAT file, you can do so from the command line:

<still as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas/workdata
route.k REL C

and so on.

>I enclosed the output of "route.k LIST".

S Pd         Description         Range       Last      Received  Post Process C
- -- ------------------------- --------- ------------ ---------- ------------ -
   ????????????????????????? 2144-????  62144 0621 ???????????? 4

This is definitely corrupt.  You option is to delete it and recreate a new
one as I outlined above.


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