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20021115: ldm having issues starting up related to McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: William C Klein <address@hidden>
>Organization: Valparaiso
>Keywords: 200211131551.gADFpqL24688 LDM ldmd.conf xcd_run McIDAS-XCD


re: Sun compilers don't work
>Should be mounted now:

>[ aeolus : root : ~ ]
>[ 4 ] > which cc

A 'which cc' always worked (as did 'which f77').  A 'cc -V' always worked
also.  what didn't work was a actual compilation of C source code.  It
never got as far as trying to compile Fortran code.

>Do we need to make any copies of the ldmd.conf or anything along those

The McIDAS build has nothing to do with the LDM, so no backup is needed
in the 'ldm' account.

The build is proceeding normally now.  After it finishes, we'll see if
the newly compiled code works.  If it doesn't, the problem is with 
Solaris.  What it might be I can't tell you.


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