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20021101: McIDAS 7.8/2002 Fkey menu problem (cont.)

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200210291605.g9TG5tX06392 McIDAS Fkey

Hi Bill,

I finally got some time to look into the Fkey problems you have run into.

>Two lines have been changed in bkgmap.gui; the day is now a postional
>parameter and not a keyword.


>A quick check shows that the surface data displays correctly.  However,
>I have new problems with the upper air display.  From the main menu,
>SF7, F2, F3, F2 brings up the Upper Air Contour Plots gui.
>* If I click on Plot, accepting all defaults, correct data is displayed.
>* If I change the day, the hour shown in the Time entry box changes 
>  from Latest to the hour of the latest _surface_ data. 

This is bad!

>* That's not good, but if I move the mouse over the time entry box
>  and menu, an Invalid Selection window opens and flashes rapidly --
>  locking up the gui. That's real bad.

This is caused by the previous bullet being bad.

>* BTW, if I change the hour first, then the day, this does not happen,
>  and the correct data are displayed.


I looked into this problem (man, is the Fkey menu Tcl/Tk stuff ugly!)
and came up with a fix.  I stuck a new bkgmap.gui out in the
pub/mcidas/src directory of anonymous FTP on our FTP server for you to

>>From address@hidden Thu Nov  7 13:26:31 2002
>Another problem with the Fkey menu, at least on 7.8, occurs when
>displaying a vertical cross section from upper air data.
>From the main menu: SF10, F1, brings up the Rawinsonde Cross Sectons:
>The default corridor half-width, 150 km, is too small.

OK, this is easy to change.

>If one clicks
>the Plot button, you get the following error message and no plot:
>Unable to find a nearby station in dataset!...
>If one copies the UACROSS command from the text window to the command
>line and edit COR=YES 150 to use a value of 300.  Entering the command
>produces the cross section.

UACROSS is a lot more sensitive to the corridor width than XSECT/XSECG
was.  Since UACROSS is the routine that is used for ADDE data, I
change the default from 150 to 300.  I also changed the range of
the width to 10 to 1000.

I put a new copy of xsection.gui in the pub/mcidas/src directory of
anonymous FTP (the same place as contains the new copy of bkgmap.gui)
for you to grab.

>After the initial error, if one returns to the gui and tries to use the
>slide bar to increase the corridor half width, the slide bar does not
>move and a new window opens, titled error in tcl script.

I did not experience this error, and, quite frankly, I am stumped for
how the program being run could affect the GUI selector.  I will
keep an eye out for this problem, howevef.

>Another fkey problem next time, Bill

Might as well send as many as you have so I can focus on the Fkey stuff.

Thanks for the bug reports!


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