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20021023: GRDDISP request from the MUG meeting

>From:  McIDAS Help Desk <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords:  200210232044.g9NKiTp06870


Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you on this, but I had to
recreate the environment in which I ran into the GRDDISP problem.

>We are going through our MUG notes and writing inquiries from the
>meeting.  There is one GRDDISP question that I'm unclear on.  From
>Barry's notes, the problem refers to the new error checking for grid
>data within the geographic extents of the frame.  Trying to display
>grids over the Antarctic region is an example of when it would be nice
>to have a switch to turn off the grid extents check.

The problem I ran into was that the 10 km grids from the AMPS model
(MM5 with custom physics for Antarctica) would not plot on top of an
Antarctic map displayed with:


The environment I was running in was:

Solaris SPARC 5.6
McIDAS-X v7.8x

When I first saw your email, I quickly went and tried the same GRDDISPs
that failed back in June, only this time I was running -X v2002b that
had been compiled using Sun's WS6 compilers on Solaris 9.  Since this
worked with no problems (in the many tests that I ran), I needed to go
back and determine if the problem was related to the use of gcc/g77,
the version of Solaris, or the version of McIDAS I was using.  After
experimenting with a number of different configurations (it took me
some time to get the HDF portion of McIDAS to build under Solaris 9
using gcc/g77) I determined that the problem that I ran into was
related to code in -X v7.8x.  So, apparently some modification made for
v2002 fixed the problem that I was having.

>I've been trying to find an example of where this is a problem, and I
>haven't had any luck.  I've displayed Matt Lazzara's Antarctica
>composites and then displayed global AVN grids with NAV=C over them with
>no problems.

I am curious if the grids you used from Matt L. were the 30 km or 10 km
ones.  I never had a problem with the 30 km grids even back when using
-X v7.8x.

>Could you give us some examples so we can write an inquiry
>for this?

Well, it looks like an inquiry is not warranted in this case!

I can provide you with a dataset of grids over Antarctica that you can
use for testing in the future (you can also get these from Matt).  This
dataset may be useful in testing future tweaks made to navigation
modules since the grids span all 360 degrees.  Please let me know if
you are interested.

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