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20021105: new -XRD commands FRMOLAY and IMGOLAY?

>From:  McIDAS Help Desk <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SSEC
>Keywords:  200211051428.gA5EShX21525 McIDAS XRD FRMOLAY IMGOLAY


>We've been following up on some of the topics that were addressed at the
>MUG Meeting last month. One that was mentioned during your talk was
>adding Unidata's overlay commands to McIDAS-XRD. According to our notes
>the commands you mentioned were named FRMOLAY, IMGOLAY and possibly

The commands are FRMOLAY, IMGOLAY, and IMGBAR.  All three routines are
from the ABoM, so they may be the ones to add them to XRD.  I have
recently (yesterday afternoon, in fact) found something that needed
modification in FRMOLAY and IMGOLAY.  An array used as a working buffer
is dimensioned to 280 MB (integer*4 (10000*9000).  This compiles and
runs using vendor compilers, but it doesn't run correctly using gcc/f2c/mcfc
or gcc/g77.  Apparently g77 and gcc have a limit on the size of an
array that can be statically allocated.  This can be gotten around
in one way or another, but it would probably be better if the code
that needed to use the buffer was in C.  This way it could be malloced.
I will be sending Geoff Freeman a note on this sometime this week,
so things may evolve from there.

>Is adding those commands to -XRD (or providing them to us) something you
>can do? Please let me know.

If Geoff does not want to add them, then I will.



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