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20021102: IMGOLAY/FRMOLAY on Solaris SPARC gcc/g77 does not work (cont.)

> Do you have Sun compilers you can use to build?  If not, do you have
> f2c installed so you can build using 'make VENDOR=-gcc'?  I am trying
> to think of ways of testing to see if the problems you are having
> are really related to use of g77.

Yes, both datasets were remote, not local when I viewed the images separately.

I will first try it with f2c.  I believe I have it.  I don't have the Sun
compilers on that machine, but I did export a display from the NSBF SPARC
machines (Sun WS 5.0) and it works fine there.  I tried it on a Solaris Intel
box (gcc/g77 v, 2.95.3) at Universal and I get the same error.



re: try building McIDAS with gcc/f2c to see if FRMOLAY and IMGOLAY will

>Sigh..I just finished building it with f2c, and the same thing happened.  The
>only thing I know to try next is to wipe out all of the McIDAS stuff
>and start over in case of some weird corruption.  

Yesterday afternoon, I found a machine that exhibited the same problem
you are reporting.  This means that I now have a platform on which I
can troubleshoot the problem and come up with a fix.  I will get back
to you when I find out what is going on.  My initial inclination is
that some character array is misdimensioned.


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