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20021030: Setting up LDM for McIDAS-XCD (cont.)

>From: Richard Massa <address@hidden>
>Organization: UC Davis
>Keywords: 200210282019.g9SKJIX04447 McIDAS-XCD scour


>So I'm seeing high cpu usage by dmsyn.k and the following message is getting
>written to the XCD_START.LOG file.
>DMSYN: m0syndec - unable to write to syn row= 8
>DMSYN: m0syndec -                  synmd num= 52
>The disk isn't full, permissions appear to be okay and I haven't changed 
>anything since it was last working, so do you have any suggestions as to what
>might be wrong?

I don't know what is going on, but I have now seen this on more than one
Linux box running XCD.  I am attemtping to troubleshoot a problem related
to dmsyn.k on another user's RedHat 8.0 Linux box.  Perhaps his problem
(which looks like a malloc-related one) and yours will prove to be the
same thing.


>From address@hidden Wed Oct 30 17:30:52 2002

Okay...  thanks for letting me know.

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