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20021030: 20021029: McIDAS 7.8/2002 Fkey menu problem

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200210291605.g9TG5tX06392 McIDAS Fkey

Hi Bill,

re: mods to bkgmap.gui
>A couple of questions about this.

>> <login as 'mcidas'>
>> cd mcidas7.8/src
>> <edit bkgmap.gui>
>>   change:
>>      upcRunCommand "$pgm $parm $level OLAY $time INT=$int 
>> DAY=$day MODE=$mode GRIDF=$gfile GRA=$gra SF=YES PRO=$pro 
>> OUT=$out GU=GRAPHIC BLANK=$blank"
>>   to:
>>      upcRunCommand "$pgm $parm $level OLAY $time $day 
>> INT=$int MODE=$mode GRIDF=$gfile GRA=$gra SF=YES PRO=$pro 
>> OUT=$out GU=GRAPHIC BLANK=$blank"

>There is only one line in bkgmap.gui that exactly matches what you 
>have above. We changed it.

Good, that is what I intended.

>There is another line, 31 lines prior, that is the same except that it
>does not have GRA=$gra. Should it also be changed ?

Oops.  Yes, you are absolutely correct.  That line should be changed in
exactly the same way as the one I sent you.

>21 lines before the exact match is a upcRunCommand:
>upcRunCommand "LOOPIT \\\"$pgm $parm $level OLAY FRAME INT=$int $date
>MODE=$mode GRIDF=$gfile PRO=$pro OUT=$out GU=GRAPHIC BLANK=$blank"
>the INT=$int $date     looks like incorrect syntax ? (If $date is a 
>positional parameter, it can't come after a keyword.)

It turns out that "date" is being set to a DAY=$day elsewhere in
bkgmap.gui, so the syntax is correct (it just looks wrong).  Also, it
looks to me like the specification of $date in the LOOPIT construct is
redundant.  The command being run is essentially:

$pgm $parm $level OLAY FRAME INT=$int


pgm   -> the name of the program to run
parm  -> the parameter to plot/contour
level -> the level to plot/contour (if upper air data)
OLAY  -> overlay on the current frame
FRAME -> use the time of the plot in the current frame

Given that the program is being told to use the FRAME time, specifying
the DAY=$day (or $date) is not needed.

>Please clarify these 2 issues.

Sorry for missing the other place that should have been modified in bkgmap.gui.


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