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20021029: McIDAS 7.8/2002 Fkey menu problem

>From: "Fingerhut, William A" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Lyndon State
>Keywords: 200210291605.g9TG5tX06392 McIDAS Fkey

Hi Bill,

>I 've been alerted to a problem, and come up with the following info.

>Mcidas 7.8
>While using the F-Key Menu to contour either surface or upper air data
>by specifying the day leads to problems.
>E.g., from the main menu, SF2, F2, F2 brings up the Surface
>Contour Plots gui. 
>Change the day by typing a new date, click on plot; data for today is
>plotted -- wrong day is used.
>Change the day using the gui's menu, same result.

I just verified this in v2002 also.

>E.g., similar steps but using upper air data.
>From the main menu, SF7, F2, F3, F2 brings up the Upper Air Contour
>Plots gui.

The failure is caused from the same problem.

>Change the day by typing 2002301 (yesterday), click on plot; data for
>today is plotted -- wrong day is used.


>Change the day using the gui's menu,  same result.


>Using mcgui or typing a RAOBCON command works fine.


The problem is that the script bkgmap.gui is specifying the DAY as a
keyword: DAY=...  We used to add support for specifying the DAY as
both a positional and as a keyword.  At some point, I decided to stop
modifying the SSEC code to support the DAY=keyword, but I neglected
to change the execution of commands in bkgmap.gui.

To implement the change, do the following:

<login as 'mcidas'>
cd mcidas7.8/src
<edit bkgmap.gui>


        upcRunCommand "$pgm $parm $level OLAY $time INT=$int DAY=$day 
MODE=$mode GRIDF=$gfile GRA=$gra SF=YES PRO=$pro OUT=$out GU=GRAPHIC 


        upcRunCommand "$pgm $parm $level OLAY $time $day INT=$int MODE=$mode 
GRIDF=$gfile GRA=$gra SF=YES PRO=$pro OUT=$out GU=GRAPHIC BLANK=$blank"

This will have to be done on every machine where McIDAS is installed.
Note that ~mcidas/mcidas7.8/src/bkgmap.gui gets linked to
~mcidas/bin/bkgmap.gui.  If you decide to edit the file on one machine and
then copy it to all other machines, you will need to insure that the
link between the new copy in ~mcidas/mcidas7.8/src and the one in
~mcidas/bin is preserved.

Since I am moving away from the Fkey menu (in fact I am not doing any
development on it at all anymore), I am not excited about creating a
new addendum for v7.8x.  I will probably roll this change into v2002,

>Back in the trenches, Bill

Me too!

Thanks for the bug report.


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