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20021028: access to Unidata McIDAS v2002

>From:  "Rob Gillies ." <address@hidden>
>Organization:  USU
>Keywords:  200210281817.g9SIHfq20225 McIDAS-X my.unidata access

Hi Rob,

>I need to get a password to download new version of Mcidas - who do I contact
>to obtain one ..?  New web site not very helpful here.

The procedure to get access to any Unidata-distributed package is to
first register as a Unidata User:


  Click here to register with My Unidata 

When you register, you choose your user name and password.  You need
to save this information for later use.

Now, when you go to the web site, you can go to the Downloads link (on
the left hand side of most web pages).  If you are currently logged in
to the web site, you will get to a page that lists all Unidata
packages.  If you are not logged in to the site, you will be forced to
login.  After logging in, you will be put in a page that allows
you to choose which package you want to download.  Just walk your
way down through the links that will come up and grab the files
that you want/need.

For now, the old access to the FTP site still works.

machine: ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
user: xxxxx
pass: xxxxx
directory: unix/2002
files: mcinstall, mcinet2002.sh, mcidasx2002.tar.Z

FTP access won't be there forever, so it is a good idea to start using
the web login approach as soon as it is convenient.

>Merci .. Rob

Please let me know if you have problems...

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