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20021026: IMGOLAY/FRMOLAY on Solaris SPARC gcc/g77 does not work

>From: Robert Mullenax <address@hidden>
>Organization: NSBF
>Keywords: 200210270159.g9R1x6q20772 McIDAS v2002 gcc/g77


>I have a Sun Ultra 5 at home that I use to do work for NMSU/NSBF.  I have
>been building McIDAS with gcc/g77.  Today I tried to run the examples for
>IMGOLAY and FRMOLAY (the ones in the respective HELP).  Neither work and
>exit with the same error.  See below.  All other programs seem to work and
>I can get to to NEXRCOMP (from ADDE.UCAR.EDU) and RTIMAGES (from NSBF)
>datasets fine separately.

I have successfully used IMGOLAY and FRMOLAY built the gcc/g77 compiler
combination on an Ultra 10 since sometime in June.  The difference
in our systems may well be the version of gcc/g77 and/or the verison
of Solaris.  I built using gcc v2.95.3 20010315, g77 v0.5.25 20010315
on Solaris 2.6.  The machine I built/ran on was just recently upgraded
to an E450 running Solaris 9, but the gcc and g77 have not (yet) been

Can you provide the version of the OS, gcc, and g77 you are running?
This might help us pinpoint the difference in our environments.

>FRMOLAY: Data service module problem, RC= - 1
>FRMOLAY: Local interface module cannot be found
>FRMOLAY: error on call to mcadir for overlay -98          2
>FRMOLAY: DONE                                                

I have seen these errors in the past, but I can't remember in what context
at the moment.  Perhaps running with the DEV=CCC keyword sequence will
provide additional insight.

I will try running the FRMOLAY test when I get into the office on Monday
to see if I can recreate your problem.


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