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20021025: How to run mcidas commands in a shell

>From: Sridharareddy Duggireddy <address@hidden>
>Organization: USF
>Keywords: 200210162107.g9GL7S107707 McIDAS FRMSAVE

Hi Sridhara,

>I am trying to implement the scripts which were sent by
>Jim Koermer.In that scripts i am getting some problems.

>I gave a command
>cd /home/nobody and then mcenv -f 480x640 mk_mcsat $2 $3 in  csh script which
>is placed in cgi-bin directory.

>mk_mcsat is another csh script in the directory
>nobody where mcidas is installed. cd command is not working. do you know
>why this command is not working?

I am not really sure how to answer this since I am not totally sure
exactly what is failing.

I will reply first assuming that the problem really is that the mcenv
line is not able to run the mk_mcsat script.

If you are assuming that the 'cd /home/nobody' in the first script will
automatically insure that the script mk_mcsat will be found when you
try to run it, this may be the error.  In the C shell environment,
mcenv will cause the user's .cshrc file to be sourced.  This will, in
turn, set the PATH that will be used for the rest of the mcenv
arguments.  It may well be that the /home/nobody directory is not in
the PATH defined in .cshrc, so mk_mcsat is not being found.  You should
be able to test this by simply fully specifying the pathname for
mk_mcsat.  For example:

mcenv -f 480x640 /home/nobody/mk_mcsat $2 $3

If, in fact, the 'cd /home/nobody' is not working, the only reason
should be that the directory doesn't exist or the user running the
script doe not have at least read permission in the directory.

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